Curren$y - Fin... (Mixtape)

As promised, Curren$y's final mixtape has arrived! 22 dope tracks from the hot spitta. You know it was worth the wait. What's next though?

Sorry for the delay and technical difficulties and thanx to everybody whose been fuckin wit da movement and its not truley over..look for tapes from da Jets (Me, Roddy, Trademark and Street Wizz) incredibly soon…i mean super fuggin soon. - Curren$y

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y - Fin... [via OS]

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  • JaYdAgR8

    what's he mean though?
    is he done rappin or will we ever get an album?

  • Got it over at OS a while ago...i think there track list on the folder is wrong...but besides that...iv been waitin patiently for this....props to 2db and OS...

  • mad

    it says via OS but when you go to OS you dont see anything...well at least at the moment im writing this...

  • Yea cuz i think there tryna fix the tracklist...cuz it was there like 15 minutes ago...OR i could be completely doesnt matter tho...links still work...

  • BLuHaZe

    yea #17 is in m4a or something, i think they fixin it up

  • blaze

    man ima miss his shit monthly

  • Devonte curren$y...bw3s wit my friends for my 16 birthday...this really is a sweet 16!!

  • Cassanova

    damn he done with the tapes a month

  • CooLKid

    link ain't woRking..


  • MAD

    The FUCK is my tape at

  • There prob fixing that one track and the order just wait awhile...Its pretty dope i must say...

  • notorious

    Ive been waiting for this tape like crazy, no worries yall, currensy gunn go down in the hiphop history books even if he stops now, which he is not.

  • Well here you go Mr.Shake...

  • links fixed. dj mommy mack you can go play in heavy traffic. hop on a jet plane then jump off with no parachute.

    you fuckin lames, im gettin sick and tired of people like ya'll bitchin when something free fucks up (for less than 30 minutes on top of that). smh.

  • Legend

    word up Shake

  • notorious

    Im bumpin the intro, and shit im already chillan.

    where can i buy the cd at?

  • Just dled this while watching "Heroes" - Thanks, Shake...

  • YouthHominid

    hey are those last few tracks bonuses? cuz they are definitely all from past mixtapes of his...

  • YouthHominid

    nm i listened to the

  • links fixed. dj mommy mack you can go play in heavy traffic. hop on a jet plane then jump off with no parachute.

    you fuckin lames, im gettin sick and tired of people like ya’ll bitchin when something free fucks up (for less than 30 minutes on top of that). smh.

    Shake said this on September 22, 2008 at 7:08 pm


  • victo’r

    been wait'n all day long for this.

    dude is just stopping the mixtape every month cycle, but he's definitily going the continue to leek songs every couple months or so.


  • victo’r

    is it me or is the best past of curren$y's mixtapes is his intro.

  • webbie352

    gonna miss the tapes

    shake do the links to his other mixtapes still work?
    ahahah nvm i can check

  • Ryan.T.

    On the rapidshare link track 6 is completely missing. Somebody hook up a link for that one song please, 'cause I really don't wanna download a whole 'nother album for that.

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  • Big_E

    Curren$y gonna get signed no doubt and get the respect that dude deserves. homie a real hip hop and musical talent... jus do you spitta n youll shine...

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  • mark B

    Does anyone know the name of the instrumental from shooterz zone ive been looking for that instrumental for over a year i swear its one of the nicest beats ever.

  • BigLoot

    man ima download this shit when i get home...curren$y that nigga...

  • kyro

    mark B i dunno kno if u got it but the original song is from blackstar called respiration. Great beat and a Great song. music..get it nd listen to it

  • mark B

    aww thanks kyro. ima have to go get that instrumental now thanks! oh yeah.

  • kyro


  • funeazzboy

    i think when he put fin... he means he finished with the mixtape game and gonna make a album... and he has 6 of his old mixtapes on his cover and then 1 of each song of those 6 mixtapes on fin so i am asumming that he just thought those were his favorite

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  • cbudd

    next up young roddy and trademark

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  • Celz

    nah he called it fin because he finish with those set of mixtapes, cause on his album "this is not a mixtape" he says something about going back to square 1 meaning he's gonna do some more mixtapes then do another album basically

  • Jet_life1995

    2014 and Im still listening To this!

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