• http://cenya95.wordpress.com cenya95

    I enjoyed this Generation Lost

  • B

    Good Song! Kyle Lucas posted up his lyrics from the new mixtape, sounds amazing! Hope it arrives soon!

  • sac-a-indo

    "I’ve been fuckin’ with B.o.B for a minute now so it’s great to be getting more material."
    co-siggn BoB is that dude right noow

  • WR

    lol. Gemstones & B.o.B. look exactly alike.

  • Menlow

    this shit is fire, diggin it for sure

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    B... we're gonna be doing alot of promo for the tape. i'm working on the artwork now. so get ready, it's coming.

  • 216thetakeover

    Lets do a link exchange.


  • WR

    216...bad idea

  • http://g00dmuzik.blogspot.com Taras

    dope song

  • AT

    Is he coming out with a mixtape soon?

  • iZK

    Ive only been on 2dopeboyz for a lil but man theres so much artist i never even heard of that r way better than mainstream!

  • rob

    this shit is different.. i like it

  • Tmo


  • http://www.myspace.com/cneal84 Bueller?

    this shit funky. Shake, Thanks 4 the Myspace add. (King Kong©)

  • http://www.bloggapleeze.com Ty

    whoa!!!!! got this shit on repeat for the past 15 mins....

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