• hellyeah

    40 is a legend and he deserve respect like everybody else

  • Peekay

    never been an e-40 fan. that voice and flow just irks me but to each their own.

  • http://worldwidedj.wordpress.com benhameen

    word up but um shouts to pleasedontstare where the song came from in the first place

  • http://www.theconcretejournal.com tcjfresh

    4o fonz... always a fan

  • http://hoodaffiliated.blogspot.com chico

    nice slap

  • Jacka

    Chico, I didn't know you come here. How come you don't update your blog as much as Shake.

  • http://everythingyoulovetohate.blogspot.com SWITCH™

    40 fan 4 life

  • http://worldwidedj.wordpress.com benhameen


  • http://hoodaffiliated.blogspot.com chico

    my internuts is always gettin interrupted to upload stuff but yeah i always thought of runnin my site like this

  • Rell

    Cats download dis track for Bun But Especially for GUCCI; Gucci has flooded the streets with Bangers..

    On Deck, Add it up, Top of the World, Georgia, Lodi Dodi, Stunt, Put em on.... The list goes on

    E-40.. I'll never hate any rapper, but I dont enjoy his flow.

    Free Gucci Mane..

  • biditch

    haha is that a Rachel Ray sample??

  • http://yahoo becca

    damn i love you new song