Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks - Return of the P.L.K. (Mixtape)

So it only took a few a month or two, but Banks' latest mixtape is finally here. Looks like their word is good. Shouts to DJ Ian on the assist.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks - Return of the P.L.K.

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  • slick

    I feelin Banks more than 50 these days, Banks kept it realer... wonder if hes got bank???

  • !dopeboy!

    props homay...bout damn time they decided to drop this shit..

  • veraci0us

    can someone tell me if this has dj whookids drops all over it? If it has then i wont bother downloadin it.. To me a dj drops all over a track just spoils my enjoyment of the music, its equivalent of watchin a poor quality pirate dvd which has people walkin up and down in front of the screen...

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  • slick


  • 718Nigga

    Seeing as how there's about 3 tracks that are almost a year old and a bunch of tracks that HE leaked months ago. What the fuck took so long? I'm actually disappointed now. I held on to all my Banks joints waiting on this shit and it's doesn't have anything I haven't heard already. On top of that it's an online release so it's not like they had to press shit up.

  • Ryderz

    I thought Banks was white

  • JL


  • Charles Oakley

    I thought he was white too

  • Showman3000

    What da hell does "PLK" stand for? ...and no Im not even downloading it for free to find out. Not to mention I can't take hearing Whoo Kidds no swagger ass talkin shit all over it. He got a punk voice kinda sound like a high school teacher trying to be "down" lmao

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  • oyb

    whoo kid's is not all over the tracks. mixtape is dope.

  • Philly

    PLK= Penis Licking King...No homo

  • Young Piff Clinton

    punchline king!!!

  • finally-fuckin'-ly... Eminem???? must listen to that one.

  • Bluntman

    This shit is straight fucking FIREEE PLK!!

  • Belize

    FINALLY! Been waiting for a good Banks mixtape since..like...vol 3..anyways, been a while, thought dude quit..good to hear some ill shyt from d kid again

  • damian

    is this that 'top 5 or better' mixtape?

  • FoolyMagoolz

    Fuckin' Whoo Kid & his gunshots.



  • niels

    lloyd is back !!