Being in the music industry is hard, and 99.99% of the time it's not that glamorous shit we see in the media. Che Grand knows firsthand, and is sadly contemplating on whether or not to drop Everything's Good Ugly, something I've been personally waiting on for a minute. So khal from Rock The Dub has taken it upon himself to start a petition in hopes that the proper peoples will allow duke to drop the album, and I figure the more people that sign it the better the chances of the album dropping, because from what I've heard and what we've dropped over here it was turning into something spectacular.

VISIT/SIGN: A Rock The Dub Che Grand Petition


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  • khal

    thx for the support fam.

  • AyyDee

    Damn, I ain't know it was like that

  • Mark Twain Fame

    yo...Che (or Shake) should send dude's album or a few tracks to Slug and Siddiq...Rhymesayers are always down for supportin dope MC's that get shunned from the industry...or Duck Down, or Definitive Jux.

  • The Crow

    This fucking dude makes real hip hop, he will get a deal somewhere!

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  • FireBrand

    che is dope