BK Cyph – Dirty Games (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on Meka September 30, 2008

Word on the streets is that Cyph found this Primo track lying around and – ever the consumate professional – decided to put it to good use. DJ Premier > your favorite producer. This will be off his new mixtape NSC2: Rhymes R Ez, Life is Hard, dropping in about 2 weeks.

DOWNLOAD: BK Cyph – Dirty Games | Mediafire

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    He didnt find this lying around this is a cormega track

    Cormega – Dirty Game

    Cormega on this beat > BK Cyph

    I duno im just not feeling this cat, its all love though

  • how do you know he didnt find it laying around? it could have been on his harddrive and he “found” it. smh

  • douche bags these days. don’t entertain them, shake. smmfh. watch the hate comments flow.

  • BK Cyph

    I never claimed to have had this beat exclusively. I honestly never heard Mega spittin over this but it makes sense.

    As far as Unxpekted’s comments- i gotta alive with that, I’ve gotten a lot of love lately, A LOT! Gotta accept the negative too- its only right.

  • The joint is tough my dude.

  • PP

    thanks shake and bk cyph,the track is dope

    btw, you can find cormega’s “dirty game” on his album with Lake, “my brother’s keeper”

  • BK Cyph

    ahhhhhh The one album I’ve been meaning to listen to. I know I have it around somewhere- but man Lake’s 41st Side album was my shit.

  • MeGaVeLi

    Dirty Game also appeared on “The Source – Phat Beats” … which had like 3 premo beats on that shit. Any real cat who hasnt heard the Cormega version … that shit is not acceptable!!! Anyways, dude aint bad, but i mean, don’t yall have another pic of dude! This one is used and abused!

  • Moe Skrilla/H!gh$ociety

    Life’s a Bitch but I still spin the bottle/
    a born loser with better luck tomorrow//

    Oh yeah…hate is Love

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    My suggestion Cyph maybe get on some original production, its going to be hard overshadow the beats youve chosen, like that Calm Down instrumnetal with cats like Khadafi and Nas ripping it.. and now this Cormega joint, I mean do your thing I just think you need to step it up