• Mr.G

    Shorty ass fat my dude! Always feels good to come home to a fat ass and some food.

  • teckn1cality

    Looks like Cubana Lust...

  • http://www.two-shot.blogspot.com mxtwoshot

    Fuck yeah Mr.G. That is one fat ass...

  • robin banks.

    haha damn that chickis FINE.
    & looks like joey is livin good.
    im definitely gonna cop that new album when it drops too.

  • J. Wonder

    she fly as hell!

  • charlito

    yo Joe got that OFF!! only brings back memories of my ex.
    *grabs tissues*

  • Big_E

    yes plz, "make it clap."

  • http://www.ddotomen.blogspot.com The DunceCap

    LMAO yo that nigga Joe is an ass, remind me of me..got jokes like shit.

    "what I need with 3 gfs?" rofl

  • victo’r

    she is fine, end of discussion...

  • yo

    does she have a sister?

  • SoEsoterik

    Yo her ass too nice. She could get it!

  • DJ Daz-One

    Advantage Joey, Dominican Ass rules heavy in 2dopeboyz court... Royce lets one the D's finest LMAO!!!!

  • Blu

    someone on nahright said she got the lower body of a centaur lol, he does good money management good to see he didnt waste it & spent it on a good crib, wii for the kid & frozen food for 1 of his gfs to cook lol

  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    "you mexican so that makes sense."


  • newsssss

    she a bad 1...

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  • shakes father

    i dunno if u all noticed.. but joe budden kid might have down syndrome.. nigga looks dumb as fuck, plus get that grill fixed..

    i said it, yall thought it, dont hate niggas

  • BK Cyph

    ^^ How u gonna try to play his kid? thats low even for blog standards

  • http://www.stuntinonprose.com Mark Twain Fame

    I wouldnt even sweat it bk cyph, that lil faggot been hating/pissin on shake and the site the past few weeks anyways...he probly a young'n...young cats have no respect.

  • Cee Pee

    Tienes tremendo.... CULO!!!!!

  • rich

    "well you're mexican so that makes sense"
    LMFAO!!! oh Joeys too much
    when he told the kid to go play wii i almost figured he would just add '...i have to hit this'

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