Peedi Crakk – Sweet Dreams (Jay-Z Diss) (Video)

blame it on Meka September 30, 2008


Here’s the latest video off Peedi Crakk’s Camel Face Hunting Season A Night In The Life, in stores next March. Props to Felix.

  • zino

    oh peedi…y??

  • aybay

    hahaha i love it, peedi’s damn good.

  • dis shit is funny as fuck. anyone got the CDQ of dis?


    i can understand his point of view but if it weren’t for jay he’d be doing local talent shows and no one would know who he was…

    don’t hate the player… hate the game.

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  • Ace Boog

    Damn what a waste of a good beat

  • JaYdAgR8


  • Bluntman

    oh poor baby gonna cry

  • Is there a reason for him having this beef

  • yo

    blaming others for your problems. Thats how real men handle it.

  • AL

    I like this shit.

  • Sean Juan

    This guy is a little bitch. If it weren’t for Jay, no one would even know him, and his video wouldn’t be viewed by anyone except his little myspace friends. I guess he’s mad cuz daddy’s not there to help him cross the street anymore. This fucking hoe should grow the fuck up and take control of his own career instead of wishing another man would carry him. Why not release some music? Why not start touring? No, that’s too difficult. He’d rather just fail and blame someone else. I will never buy anything this bitch puts out.

  • DJ Daz-One

    Damn peedi you should have stayed with Jazzy Jeff that situation was working out, Now your going at Jay….. Not a good career move…

  • Peedi’s the man, i don’t think going at Jay is going to earn him any good light, but i dig his shit.

  • robin banks.

    it’s funny when the jay-z stans come out and bash peedi for putting his opinion on record. i love jay’s music but i can understand where peedi is comming from, jay probably assured him he was in good hands and after not doing dick all to help him he probably is pissed, you would be too. i can understand the fact jay doesn’t owe anything to the next man but when Jay signed him i’m sure he promised alot of things and he had no problem using him to his own advantage, so peedi has reason to feel like jay fucked him over but still, the rules of the jungle apply in hip-hop too, eat or be eaten and peedi got the short end of the stick.

    the track is dope though, im feelin the laid back vibe.

  • Kraunik

    Peedi is soooo DOPE… He just needs to let all that Jay shit go and concentrate on being an even bigger success… track is hilarious tho

  • primo915

    Speak on it PEDDI! Nice Track!

  • suprabrotha

    Peedi’s jockin’ jockin’ Jay-Z, jockin’ Jay-Z, yeah!

  • HauieBeast

    Haha. What a crack up.

    Thumbs up, Peedi.

  • LMAOOOOOO That joint was classic! I dont think its as funny without tha video. Im diggin it.

  • Mr.G

    Peedi always been a funny dude.
    Note to the stans…Unless you know Jay personally, how can you blame him. Peedi,the R&B broad…seems like Jay hustling the shit out of niggas close to him. Dont mix entertainment with real life.

  • studioLOVE

    i actually kinda like this

  • enrico

    the song is hot point blank…
    yeh whatever yall talkin..bashin him…the song still hot lol