To My (dope)Friends…

blame it on Shake October 1, 2008


You can literally register to vote while you’re pooping… if you have a laptop.

  • Im gonna take off my bra…while I wait

  • WR

    Jonah Hill. ROFL.

  • “the war on drugs? i havent done shit on drugs besides play halo 2.” (c) Jonah Hill HAHAHHAA

  • WR

    what’s with the spam tonight…?

  • ^^no clue.

  • Mr.G

    I got my voter registration card today my nigga…So fuck you and your lazy ass eye forest whitaker. And you and your sarcastic humor jonah hill…And you too Leo DiCaprio…You aint done shit for me since you remade Romeo and Juliet…Nah but on the real, voting is gonna be the shit this year. Prolly a big ass turnout. And if you aint on parole, but you a felon, you CAN vote so vote. And rock that Obama dunkin’ on McCain shirt!!! Obama ’08 nigga!

  • haha we all know someone who is like the beginning of this video. Makes you realize how stupid some Americans are for not voting.

  • moseskush

    you know whats sad is that some poor fuck is only gonna vote because Leonardo DiCaprio of all people told em it was a good idea.

    does anyone else feel like this is just going to be another rigged election?

    four years ago i voted for kerry and bush stole the election then,
    who’s to say they won’t do it again???

  • moseskush

    wow i voted for kerry thats horrible. hahaha

  • Mos

    Yo a pair of titties with the word vote on them would’ve done good too, Halle’s titties…ummmm yeah lol

  • One ID

    rigged election. HAHA. If Gore wasn’t such a loser he would have won his home STATE and the CHAD controversy wouldn’t mean shit. People that believe what their told = sheep. Celebrities values couldn’t be more different that then average citizen. FUCK Celebrities and their Bullshit Commercial. I fear for this country. Real Talk.

  • joe

    they convinced me, i aint gonna vote. lol.

  • So….How is voting supposed to solve global warming and the economy?