Kanye Debuts New Single in L.A. (Video)

blame it on Shake October 4, 2008

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/48376&embedId=49277526]

Cons to the Quence brings us some backstage footage at the Key Club in L.A. for T.I.’s Paper Trail release party. The clip above has Ye performing his verse for Swagga Like Us; which leads to Love Lockdown; followed by his second single, Heartless. nation is also stating that Mr. West has completed and turned in his album and we can expect 808’s & Heartbreak on November 25th!

  • veraci0us

    i kno this aint related to the post. But shake have you got g-dep stay up instrumental?

  • http://finanshalltimes.blogspot.com/2008/10/video-im-not-loving-you-gummy-bear.html

    Kanye-related shit, and hillarious. did you know how Kanye composed Love Lockdown?

  • Weezy Hamilton

    808’s & Heartbreaks is going to be a fucking classic.

  • ^^
    i concur


    WAVE UR RAG…ahaha

  • eightysbaby

    I really look forward to hearing these joints in CDQ quality to get a full scope of what ‘Ye cooked up. But I know it’ll be dope either way.

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  • Heartless sounds better than it did a month ago.
    Still sounds so CRAZY…..

  • i already like this new shit better than love lockdown

  • kanye v. luda on november 25th? uh oh…

  • Shaikh N Bake

    lmao. it was jokes how the guy kept turning and pointing the camera back on himself saying “exclusive”

  • WR

    here is a rip if you need it Shake,

  • yo

    I’m on the fence with this album. His other releases had me geeked but I haven’t heard a song from it yet that makes me want to buy it. I hope he isn’t going down the road of the pop star.

  • swag

    its sick can’t wait for this album… this will be the fourth kanye album ive bought

  • Niggi’s got tha RIP already, cant wait!! lol

    Oh Oh– LUda versus KanYe -no body talkin about it, i think i kno why

    LOL matt WAVE ur RAG!!! loved it too.

    holla SunriseSUndown.BLogspot.com

  • Kraunik

    Whoa.. Shake posting something with he Kyte player?… Miracle

  • kanye v. luda on november 25th? uh oh…and beyonce… she’ll probably do both of their numbers combined.

  • woodini69

    when the fuck was this event!!!!

  • ClubLA

    i WAS THERE. You know it Shake. Was pretty crazy on Sunset yesterday. T.I. wouldnt even leave til he signed all ppl copies. Pretty cool. Was going to give him my bootleg to sign. lol

  • macdaddy

    Sounds way better than Love Lckdown I mean heartless already sounds like a classic!

  • ClubLA. i’m telling you. we’re gonna be best friends haha. i’m gonna be hitting you up left and right about all these events.

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  • Luda & Yeezy? Could be a good day! Check out Love Lockdown – The Remixtape for lots of recent Kanye ish; http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NW2EVYC1

  • Big_E

    man kanye is just one talented dude… shit is really gettin 2 me.”im not luvin u, way i wanted 2!!” haha

  • WR

    i need this album

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