Charles Hamilton – Lacey Duvalle

blame it on Shake October 7, 2008

Here goes the first leak of Charles Hamilton’s upcoming mixtape, It’s Charles Hamilton, which is premiering here next week! Do you know how hard it is to find a safe for work picture of Ms. Duvalle? Haha…

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Lacey Duvalle | MediaFire

  • ROK


    the lovely Ice La Fox pictured with her…

    they act very well…

    SO i have heard…LMAO!

  • ^^i switched the image haha

  • Cee Pee

    Damn shorty on the left look like a youngsta’ w/ some big saggy titties.. but still do-able.. very very do-able!!!

  • I’ll smash both…but I’ll make love to Lacey…I ain’t gon’ front, I see a few “films” wit Lacey Duvalle. And, she can get it, in more ways than one. Not my cake though…only a small portion of it hahaha

  • ROK


    jasmine byrne ethers both them broads!

  • veraci0us

    lol lacey duvalle alright, but its angel eyes or misty love or roxy reynolds for me lol

  • what kind of clown makes a joint about a porn star??
    i swear this nigga is a lame..

  • 1) sideboob ftw
    2) i missed the ice la fox pic =(

  • Belize

    damn…big homie had me hooked on one joint from hamilton..but this? this is fukin horrible

  • roxy reynolds > both of those two broads above.

  • nEWS

    yo chalie thats ariel alexus on the other side!!… that chick a MONSTA joe!! lol my favorite tho is angel eyes!!!! easy!! Joint Hot Ass fUCK!!!

  • veraci0us

    just finishd listenin to this track, it was the 1st hamilton track iv ever heard and it damn sure is the last lol.. Not even a misty love, angel eyez and roxy reynolds remix could tempt me to lol. Artist flow garbage and production is awful.smh


    LOL!!! for this kat doin this song!

    Lacey could still get it along w/ so many other

    Since we naming favs……I’d have to go w/ Carmen Hayez & Tyra Moore! :D

  • Cee Pee

    Havana Ginger… now those are some tetas right there!!!

  • Lil’ Nello

    Ha lmao lol this shit is funny as hell! Charles know what up though Lacey could definitely get it though! And yes I could admit I have seen a lot of her & Ice’s stuff & they actually both get it! LOL!


    Adding one more:

    Lucy Thai, Miko Lee & Nautica Thorn

    Gotta Luv them Asians! ;)

  • ROK

    Jazmine Cashmere > your life



    Whoops that’s 3 sorry got carried away! :P

  • lmao at everyone knowin pornstars. No shame. Lacey is dope. Thinkin you should stuck with ice la fox. I love the ones where they’re like Jay-Z is casting for a music video suck my dick. lol.

  • LMAO!!! Song is kinda funny. Im gonna have to co-sign veraci0us. But Lacey Duvalle is bad!!! Havana Ginger is crazy too but them nipples are just too damn big!!!! If I was gonna do a song about a porn star It would be Lacey Duvalle!

  • ROK

    The porn knowledge is strong in this post

  • El B. Sure

    lily thai > lucy thai, roxy reynolds > lacey. nothing like titties at lunch time lol.

  • Cee Pee

    Ohh.. what about Chiquita Lopez.. gotta show that lil’ wet back some love..


  • atl

    lol charles a fool for this one.

  • I didnt even read all the comments and I never planned to listen to the track, just saw Lacey. Seriously tho, Jada Fire and Pinky XXX are so serious. Roxy Reynolds is a fav too. Also Olivia Olovely for that mami look. Just sayin…

  • nEWS

    milian blu is the shit too!!! and the chick next to lacey in the pic is ariel alexus… but India>>>>>>>>>>Every Other Porn Star!!!!!

  • B

    Charles Hamilton’s new mixtape and kyle lucas is still my favorite both comin out next week (hopefully), looks like its gonna be an all 2dopeboyz week.

  • ava devine in her prime > your favorite pornstar

  • kyle lucas’ tape wont be dropping next week. ill get you details on that soon.

  • veraci0us

    lmao @ rok for “the porn knowledge is strong in this post” hahaha


    Donna Red is a nice one……..

  • atl

    yea lmao at doods talkin about pornstars in their prime like this a sports chat. yall really into the porno huh?

  • WOW

    LMAO at the dudes knowing all the porn stars btw Ice La Fox ftw

  • Good Job CH

    Lol at every1 knowing bout this shit….me included
    bet no one actually downloads this

  • yes

    pinky is the greatest

  • CooLKid



  • atl

    after googlin some of the names yall like the ones that look exactly like pornstars with the ugly implants. except ice la fox, she pretty

  • victo’r

    Lacey Duvalle… cup cake no fillin’ lol (inside joke*)

  • lol at googling porn stars

  • ROK

    c.hamilton is a fool for this shit and Shake is a fool for posting it with the lacey pic…

  • #

    after googlin some of the names yall like the ones that look exactly like pornstars with the ugly implants. except ice la fox, she pretty

    atl said this on October 7, 2008 at 1:42 pm


    ice la fox got implants too sucka.

    you know I dotn car eif they got implants or not, real breasts are ones I can hold in my hand. LOL.

  • jameswilk

    ice la fox she can gobble- ava devine CHYANNE JACOBS (CAN GET IT ALL DAY THE BADDEST REDBONE IVE SEEN)

  • Flower Tucci son!…ha.

    and Gianna Micheals…

    all those Bangros broads.

  • *Bangbros

  • Lu

    I gotta say my faves are the lovely Tyra Moore and Alciia Tyler. Alicia Tyler’s “lip service” is off the chain and both girls’ J game is off the CHAIN!

    CH is a damn fool for this one…


    Cosign Alicia Tyler is a cold piece as well!

  • Plenty of comments here on porn. I guess when everyone is not checkin’ for hip hop it’s all about the puddy. LOL

  • SoEsoterik

    One of my favs is Jada Fire. And Caramel too. Yea and Tia Sweet and Havana Ginger. ok ill stop

  • #

    Plenty of comments here on porn. I guess when everyone is not checkin’ for hip hop it’s all about the puddy. LOL

    N-Turn said this on October 7, 2008 at 2:28 pm


    well not for me…I’m always workin ha…

  • damn Jada Fire…wowzers…the best nipples man…huge ass mini pancakes…lol.

  • these whores are disgusting to look at

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  • bigzizzo

    carmen hayes kills all of them all of those mentioned are good tho

  • Pinky, Roxy, Beauty, Angel Eyes…I could go on forever. I’ve been an avid porn fan since 11! lol But yeah, I used to love H.E.R. [Lacey, not actually H.E.R.] until I saw her on that Ghetto Gaggers shit. It took me back to slavery days and I can never look at her the same since she let them white guys give it to her like that…

  • TheLastEmperor

    Lacey is perfect, don’t know what aspect of her I can knock

    FAT ass, big tits, trim body and pretty face

  • biditch

    LMAO @ errbody goin in bout they favorite porn chicks

  • canuck goodz

    clearly ehbody loves porn more than hip-hop. 2DBz ain’t got nothin on 2 DD’s!

    clearly Chuck’s diggin deep to fill these mixtapes, and he seems smart enough, doesn’t he know about oversaturation?

  • mark B

    the girl on the right is ariel alexus not ice la fox

  • DJ Daz-One

    I love Lacey Duvalle (Damn the chick can give the best head) Peep Ghetto Gaggers. But I am gonna name off some dope ass honorable mentions right now.

    Jasmine Cashmere, Ayana Angel, Pinky, Heather Hunter (old school), Lily Thai, Kiwi, Vida Valentine, Ice La Fox, Kiyanna Jade and so many more. But damn no one can go down better LACEY DUVALLE…

    Too bad the song doesnt do any justice for Lacey, This song should have been done by Too Short or Kool Keith…

  • m.

    co sign ROK.

  • E-lz

    man im mad at lacey duvvale because she looks like my girlfriend =(
    ima need her to stop making pornos while she looks like my baby =(

    i feel like im seeing her fucked by everybody

    and yeah wtf charles
    i fuck with you, but this song has low quality

  • Cesc

    Terrible song btw.
    But thanks for the name-dropping guys, *gets his Google on*

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  • yo

    Miko Lee all day.

  • wedemhornets

    isabella soprano, jenna haze, jesse jane, laceg duvalle, stormy daniels, eva angelina..whoo weeeee

  • mk

    Lacey duvalle i love her so much..she is the best black pornstar alive…she betta lokkin than beyonce,ashanti evryone….i love lacey…..LOVEE YOU LACEYYYY