• Lil’ Nello

    Regardless of it being old or not Jay went in on that shit! I'm glad it got cleared up though!

  • http://AreYouConvinced.Wordpress.com Convinced

    Jay Z > Fat Joe

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  • ghgkyukjhl,nb,

    yes rly.

  • Rich Yung

    ^^^ lol

  • ryanhutch

    great that this is cleared now. that beef woulda been quite wack. Like this Jim Jones v. anybody shit.
    I just dont know why he holdin the mic so damn close to his mouth like that. haha

  • LvZ***

    Jay Z Lyin straight up, first of all in the track uncle murda mentioned frank lucus and jay z dropped american gangsta last year, second uncle murda wasn't down w/ roc 7 years ago him and nas were beefin , in the track uncle murda mentioned stack bundles death, signin w/ jay z , talkin about he coulda sigined w/ 50. That tracks a relativly new joint it's no longer than a year old. Idk Y he wouldn't tell the truth

  • LMAO12

    Just Blaze just released a statement sayin this joint is from Blueprint 2 era and that he was there when it was recorded....Uncle Murda just snatched it up recently and threw a verse on it

  • mas

    damn the BP3 SHOULD be a classic hov is really taking his time with this nethin less than a classic is gna be a dissapointment

  • http://www.2nd-waitforit-hand.blogspot.com Dizzy

    Jigga is a funny dood

  • FakirWise

    LvZ*** what does Uncle Murda's verse have to do with Jay's verse? There's no proof in when Murda recorded that says when Jay's was recorded.

  • LvZ***

    yo, im the biggest hov fan on earth and on the hook "i get away w/ murda ..." is from the song Roc Boys like i said Jay-Z American Gangsta Album released last year , and another thing who besides khaled did fat joe have as a dj? like who even if he had a dj in 2004 or whatever it's not like he was known and as big as khaled to talk about. He said he not a leader he a follower(fat joe runnin w/ fla. kats) and like that verse wouldn't have leaked when he "retired"... come on! Rocafella had beef w/ terror squad in the past. Do ya homework!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^the whole song isnt years old just hov's VERSE. it's been said that uncle garbage took the verse, put it on a beat and rocked with it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hisnameiskariuki jimscreechie

    look at westwood lookin like a groupie, get out that mans face!

  • daPopoffKing

    Don't ever diss murda that's my dude I ride for my son. Whether the verse is old or new its a diss. EAST NEW YORK!!!!!