Random Acts Of Fuckery: Operation (Man)Purse Snatcher Edition

blame it on Meka October 14, 2008


One one hand, rocking a murse is a silly trend that needs to stop. On the other, what grown-ass man cares so adamantly about what another guy rocks that they’d make a music video/”movement” about it? You can just see there’s all kinds of wrong on both ends here.


    these guys are destined for greatness!!

  • I commend them, I’ve been thinking this for quite some time. If that other grup from Chicago that made that “lookin ass” song can get signed, they definitely will too. Just a matter of time…

  • robin banks.

    lol these dudes are bitches for hating on another mans style.
    there hating, point blank period.

    i dont like the man purse trend, cause most people that rock em think they are nuts lol but i could care less…

  • TURB0

    Is dude really talking about murses while wearing a faggot ass NO BITCH ASS NESS shirt? Seriously brah?

  • These guys are idiots, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  • robin banks.

    “Is dude really talking about murses while wearing a faggot ass NO BITCH ASS NESS shirt?”

    I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • I’m gonna stop rockin my Coach bag for a Jansport backpack from 7th grade, yeah…..

    Who cares what others do, just do you. NO BITCH ASS NESS… lmao.

    Be somebody.

  • Gucci Duffle Bag > Sean John “No bitch assness” t shirt

    Talk about OWNING yourself

  • Mos

    Yo, I have to agree with these young gentlemen, male pop culture has definitely taken an decline in masculine attire, I remember when a “bag” was a backpack, and a “rag” was a bandanna. Women are wearing business suits and we are wearing Prada boots…

  • curved_one

    yo every dude the showed in that vid had more style then these “my under shirt is longer than my shirt ass niggas” you should of put the clothes on you fake bought cause ya looked crazy

    dick riding nigga/ you love the attention- nas

  • thegrip

    Hmmm no love on the link

  • Detroit P

    Why do they waste their efforts hating instead of making good music…and yea a “No bitchASSNess” tee?…trends are trends and trends die out eventually there is no point hating on them…Just do you..Also, is everybody supposed to walk around with fucking bookbags to carry their shit in?..I mean I do..but Im in fucking school…You’re telling people to stop being followers but if they listen to you they’ll still be followers..so its more of a “Dont be like them, Be like Me” thing…and thats just gay

  • ^^^ Preach

  • ryanhutch

    Detroit P spoke what I was gonna say
    and for the record, I think it depends on where u at for how ya could feel. its more duffle bags than murses here in detroit. unless you ARE gay. not hating, but thats a fact here. haha

  • Freshness

    Man bags are gay, but there is no rule that a hip hop clothing should be gansgta or street. Like som shit kanye or pharrel is wearing is just gay-ass metrosexual stuff but it is their style…

  • KSEE

    DID THESE NIGGAS REALLY JUST PUT A CLIP OF ANDRE_3000 in this faggot ass video….????

    …Dope boyz & Girlz from around the world frown upon these Shenanigans!

  • Dexic

    My favorite part is when the dude is rapping and they show a picture of Gangstalicious because they are doing the exact same movement when they put the other picture in.

    Also, when “willie will” came in and they had to drop the beat, I’m pretty sure that nobody gave a damn who was coming in.

  • yo

    Spotted this over at von peas place. Like I said over there, I can not believe all hip hop supported this mess.

  • Belize

    Hahaha! I fuk wit it

  • victo’r

    This is pointless… a song devoted to hating on other peoples style. (smh)

  • Lover of life

    i personally love it and agree ……. that video was funny as hell i love it……and them dudes is sexy i kno they dont carry no fagat ass bags lol

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