Shake’s in Cali?

blame it on Shake October 16, 2008

Alright… a brief update from the Shake. Yesterday I woke up at 9am, grabbed a U-Haul then proceeded to keep packing and loading the truck. Fast forward 20 hours and a speeding ticket later and I arrive at my destination in Cali (Redlands). That’s right … I got here at 5 in the fucking morning. *sigh… that explains no updates from me all day yesterday and still none today. I’ve gotta recoup then I’ll be back on my grizzly…

  • where in cali man?!?! this is dope!

  • Good ish Shake. Get at me


  • StReTcH!

    *plays tupac – California

  • ClubLA

    Recoup and get yo ass up bro. You in Cali now. Welcome!! Where you stay at? Lets smoke that blunt. Introduce you to this fire right here. haha. Man, Jay-Z killed it last night at the re-openning of The Palladium. Nigga you just in time for the weeeeekenddd

  • thedavebot

    Welcome! Where in Cali are you anyways?

  • right now i will be residing in the san bernardino/redlands area. good looks on the welcoming.

    *continues unpacking.

  • sac-a-indo


  • Menlow

    Shake Zilla, we’ll be chillin later fo sho smokin some of that cali dro

  • ROK

    good shit Shake…

    cali is the shit…

  • eightysbaby

    Welcome bruh, you already know I gots the medical card. Time to smoke that superior.

  • mberr

    you’re moving san bernardino? that’s hella weird. i live in riverside.

  • hip hop

    hopefully to the good part of berdoo

  • ClubLA

    How deep in San Ber.? That thing is all over the Valley. Give me a main street. Also we gots to link up in Hollywood area. Thats where shit goes down. Hollywood blvd (clubs, bitches) & Sunset blvd. (more bars and more bitches). Damn nigga, you got a myspace of a Pic of you, so i know how you look. Cause i know i’ll be seeing your ass at some premiers and concerts and shit. If you got a facebook, or myspace or whatever bullshit with a Pic, gimme the link to it.

  • Menlow

    Redlands not san bernardino

  • yep. redlands. i just say san bernardino because it’s easier on the folks that don’t reside here to pinpoint on a map. clubla i got you. it’s on as soon as i recoup.

  • $cooT

    what up to Shake your my boy Cunt haha.
    Menlow is right we will be puffin.
    I don’t know bout Shake though, Mary’s to
    Much woman for him.
    He don’t know what to so with it haha.

    Welcome back to Cali kid

  • haha. cunt!

  • BLZ

    AZ > Cali

    well..until this fukin heat comes back

  • RTC

    good stuff shake. hope the new digs go well.

  • J. Wonder

    welcome to Cali! u got a speeding ticket in a u-haul? ouch!

  • TheLastEmperor

    Why the move Shake?

  • LanguageArtz

    Shake welcome to Cali fam!! but Redlands?? yo its nice out there but really wtf is outthere!?!? u tryin to help fight the wildfires or build new sub developments then u prolly found a good spot…but that commute?? OMG…well maybe u have no plans to be in LA…but im sure u got a plan…enjoy tha weater..and from the above post dont go too hard on Mary if u aint ready..LA Confidential..GrandDaddy..etc etc..enjoy and New Language Artz shit is comming…we need to do like a 2dopeboyz west project..hmm i think this is becoming long…welcome west


  • hahaha ok so u just moved from where ever u were before to the middle of no where
    no offense lol
    the IE is cool but its dead like u literally see tumble weeds fly by like in deserted towns and shit lol
    stay upppp

  • ^^i went to high school out here and it’s my second home. lots of family, tons of friends. shit like that. plus, i take it you’ve never “lived” out here. this isn’t “nothing” haha. right menlow!? tino!? nubbz!? hahahaha

  • m.

    5-0 is reckless with those speeding tickets for real