Shawn Christopher x LRG (Video)

blame it on Meka October 23, 2008

[vimeo 2040302]

A while back I posted duke’s mixtape, and I figure the good people over at LRG spotted it and decided to bring him on board to endorse their wears. So in a sense, I think I deserve some free gear from them. Or at least that’s how I see things.

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  • lol…sorry meka, shawn had the LRG connect before the mixtape…

  • Jay

    Damnit his name is Shawn ChrYstopher. With a “Y”. Have you ever listened to his mixtape? He spells it out and says “please spell it right”. Just stickin up for tha dude.

  • Radio Raheem

    yea man it’s with a Y…it’s on a freestyle and he has a blog about spelling it right

    And how you gonna sat LRG saw him on your site when he had LRG shoutouts and drops allll over his mixtape…u wrong for that one