Joell Ortiz x Royce Da 5’9″ x Joe Budden pt.2 (Video)

blame it on Shake October 28, 2008


More JoeBuddenTV featuring Royce, Joell & Joey in the studio. Another clip after the jump…

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  • vamosarapiar

    sounds like it could be a problem, three weeks and them four mc’s locked in a studio?

  • The perfect combination of lyrical beasts. Epic shit right here.

  • Gavin

    whatever this is…its gonna be fuckin sick

  • joey stan

    joell tinkin “these niggaz is crazy”

  • This shit is gonna be crack for the masses – trust…

  • nuwww

    mannnnnn i cant fuckin wait
    they all beasts especially CROOKED
    this shit is epic and hiphop is exciting again
    DO IT !!!!!!!!!

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE >>>>>>> swagger liks us fags aaaahahha

  • royce is funny as fuck

  • 35oznin

    this shit is finna be crazy, I’m scared for wack ass niggas cuz these four niggas together….shiddd.

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    Joe is coming off like a groupie, “recording every moment they have together”, Its cool he should be excited Joel & Royce are like mentors to him in a sense.. Haha its funny when hes trying to talk to Royce and royce is on his celly and jus flicks him off haha.. Its like on some lil kid shit when my lil cuzin be trying to record me at parties, good shit

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up Childish Ass Nigga!!!

  • FoolyMagoolz

    Unxpekted DMVs Disciple, it’s one thing to have an opinion about someone, it’s another to be obsessed.
    I’m not dissing but we already get it: you don’t like Budden.
    Why jump on every post he’s on and basically continue to say the same thing?

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    D.O.T. hi hatttter

    @ FoolyMagoolz I feel you man, I just have an opinion and you have to agree what I said is what it is

  • Tone

    Why does Royce always want to fight someone? He’s got that Short Person complex you always hear about on TV. If he ain’t rapping about being tough, he’s talking about being tough. He just put out an entire record about being tough (Bar Exam 2). I seen like 8 of these videos on here now and in almost everyone he’s talking about fighting a nigga. Son is a joke.

    PS: Joell would probably rip all these dudes.

  • atl

    joell was bout to say “if a nigga diss me imma fuck him up!” but he pulled back haha

    and budden always pullin the young berg shit out LOL

  • atl

    and unxpected, if you didnt notice. budden has been videotaping everything recently.. and they all about the same age, and budden had the one mainstream hit of them all and they are all considered some of the dopest. why would they be his mentors?

  • Dj ILL ONE

    Man, Four of the nicest,unsigned together on a dope track.That`s hip hop right there.

  • Prince

    Are they doing a mixtape together or is this how slaughter house came about

  • Mike

    And here I was, thinking they were actually gonna DO it instead of talking about it for 20 minutes…

  • Unxpekted DMVs Disciple

    Royce is gangsta as fuck just listened to some of his unreleased shit

  • These videos / Obama = my 2 biggest reasons to hope for the world. This is a SUPERgroup right here. Travelling Wilburys ish.

  • Showman3000

    This is so phenominal!!! I hope that all the websites and magazines recognize what they are doing for hip-hop with this project. There is always heavy criticism about the state of water down music in hip-hop (and rightfully so) right now and they are true MC’s who are bringing all their talent and fanbase together to make magic. I can’t hate on that at all. I still can’t believe their doing this. This a hip-hop heads dream right now!!!!!