• http://myspace.com/yungvoice enrico

    he ill as fuck tho his shit will prolly never drop..
    he needs to just go head and drop it by himself

  • chizzea

    its called the greatest story never told for a reason

    it wont ever be told. its simple really.

  • i.am.legend

    I used to be so hopeful for the album to drop cuz dude got mad skills .. now I could really care less. Still one of faves though.

  • http://www.herfection.com h.e.r.

    @ 1:18
    just caught doin whaaa

  • ag103

    daayymm.. i thought saigon was never gonna drop anything music related again lmao

    but this song isnt gonna be on the album - it was on the mixtape "moral of the story" which was the tracks that got cut from the album...

    props on the vid shake ;-)

  • ag103

    video is pretty good too - its like everything u see in ur mind when u listen 2 the lyrics lol

  • jeffery

    "just got caught fuckin' my brothers wife"

    Saigons family ethics not too strong.