iVote... A (2)Dope Collage

Here's the deal, party people. Since today is obviously an important one in American history, I wanted to do an interactive, continuing post that everybody can participate in. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself voting (like mine above [1]), and shoot an ImageShack/Photobucket/etc. link in this post's c-section as well as the state you voted in, and your photo will be posted as well. Let's shake up the world, people. UPDATE: Simply show your support now, and your pic will go up.

[1] I voted by mail three weeks ago, hence the reason my picture was taken in my kitchen.


Dave, New Jersey

the ill one, New Jersey

bugsy, Las Vegas

Amanda Diva, New York

Casa Dinero, Portland, Oregon

ROK, Phoenix, Arizona

RL, Florida

SXCASS, Florida

Damien, Fresno, CA

Kameron, North Carolina

m., Georgia

Big Homie, Washington, DC

TLBlogger, New York

Belize, Arizona

LowKey (NMC), New York

V.P., California (by way of Michigan)

Mr. W3st, California


Dallas Penn, New York

Cannons, California

J. Wonder

KNOWxONE, Hawaii

Mr. G, Maryland

Mike G, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

D. Lincoln, Arizona

dojo., Chicago, IL

YaYa!, Arizona


DJ Jav


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  • Jeebin

    I'm mad I can't vote, a year too early..

  • http://ipsofacto.tumblr.com jakemoney

    This post is mad late for a lot of people. I voted before this was even thinking about being on the internet.

    I voted in Minnesota. No picture included because I'm sitting at work.

  • BK Cyph

    Ima vote for the candidate who's gonna get Meka a new garbage can. Damn bruh that shit is "Grimey" like the N.O.R.E. song. hang hang!

  • http://everythingyoulovetohate.blogspot.com/ SWITCH™
  • Frio

    what BK Cyph said... clean your garbage can dood!!!

  • Dave
  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    dave, your pic link isn't working. switch, where you from?

  • demei

    wishhh i couuld vote ..

  • Jeff R

    Lets go McCain!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the ill one

    New Jersey

  • the ill one
  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    if you voted, show the sticker/proof that u did and fire it off.

  • donteventrip

    fuck voting..all ya foos all tryin to make a difference n shit when that shit is all RIGGED..fuck the government..its all FUCKED

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    i don't have a sticker. :-(

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    hah shouts to the ill one, thats exactly how my shit looked over in Hamilton. BARACK THE VOTE!

  • Large

    obama obama oba oba obama obama

  • Mr.G

    Eat a dick with that conspiracy shit. Fuck else is you gonna do? Unless you plan on tooling up and getting on some REAL revolutionary shit, you should vote. Ol' Revolutionary Reggie ass Carlitos Way ass nigga. I waited in line for two hours, and you know what, I got back in the car and they had "Change Gon Come" playing on the radio. That shit felt damn good! Pictures coming soon for the DopeSociety.

  • robin banks.

    Damn if I could vote I definitely would but I'm canadian so it's not really an option but all you americans need to get out there and vote OBAMA!

  • robin banks.

    Co-Sign Mr. G

  • Dave

    its workin now aint it?

  • donteventrip

    yo a change is gonna come..u voted for obama..and ur not gonna like any of his shit..u waited 2 hours and voted for obama just cause hes black..maybe not i could be wrong..but most people are votin for that foo just cause hes black and they have no idea what hes gonna do for us..change doesnt mean a good change.its gonna be change..so dont bitch when u elect someone who ur not gonna enjoy.

  • MuK

    I'm not an american, but If McCain wins America will die! My opinion. Voting because Obama is black - wrong, voting because McCain is white -wrong.

  • bugsy
  • http://www.myspace.com/thecrowdfavorite J.S.

    I voted mad early (6:30 est) so I don't even have any proof... lol

  • krhyme

    To the children of the most influential country in the world:

    The globe sits here and eagerly awaits the results of probably the most important decision you will ever make in your life. The fate of every human being lies in the choice you make. Do you pick a candidate who would be history, or do you pick a candidate who is willing to make history. It is down to you. We all await in anticipation. We all pray for the right victory.

    You are not alone in this. Every single living human being human, is behind you 100%. Can you make a change? Maybe. Can we make a change? YES! WE! CAN! God bless every single one of you.

  • yeahhh
  • http://www.myspace.com/ghettopicasso Casso Dinero

    I already voted. i did it through the mail.

    Portland Oregon

  • Curtis Jackson


  • http://rhymeandreasonradio.blogspot.com/ ROK
  • http://robertoflackchronicles.com Roberto Flack

    RL, Florida

  • http://robertoflackchronicles.com Roberto Flack
  • shAwn
  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    big shouts to everybody who's participating!

  • http://www.theurbanblock.com Stoner


    That's all.

  • Chris

    fuck McCain

  • http://underagedthinking.wordpress.com jon.C

    my bad didn't re-size it..



  • http://myspace.com/dreyna Damian

    yea boy... henry t. for mayor lol
    Fresno Cali

  • yeahhh

    while those people voting for mccain in that video are idiots i bet they know more about mccain's policies than a lot of the people preaching vote obama to everyone

    im not voting..1. because california always goes democratic and 2. im not registered...if i did it would be for obama though..because IVE done my research..im just tired of idiots coming up to me saying VOTE OBAMA..and i ask why and all they can come up with is...CAUSE...or..FUCK MCCAIN HES OLD...or..BECAUSE WE NEED CHANGE...what kind of change does obama offer? "HE JUST DOES"...GOOD ANSWERS

    not saying all obama supporters are like that but the majority i've run into around my area [SF] are.

  • sub-zero

    Just so people understand, just because obama is black it does not mean he is going to start a revolution in actuality there is very little difference between the two canidates. They both are going to continue a hopeless war. Educate yoursleves before you vote just don't jump on a bandwagon. All this being said go OBAMA!!!

  • Kameron
  • Kameron


  • m.

    BAY AREA*...

    I voted early as well about 3 weeks ago.

  • Kraunik

    Lol... I love all this "research the person your voting for" talk, but its a bit too late for that stuff dontcha think?... any ways just got done voting so my pic will be coming as soon as my internet connection stops being a dick!

  • http://www.myhangover.wordpress.com Big Homie
  • J Lipa

    Hey guys truly impressed by all the effort and support towards Obama. Check out this video from up and coming R&B artist Sean Jones for a tribute towards Obama @ woundednation.org.

  • slater

    im a felon so i cant vote, but heres my 2 cents. Obama is the black Richard Nixon. He'll prolly quit cause he wont be able to make happen what he promised us. Then Ive noticed alot of people just voting for Obama cause he's black, thats the most racist thing ever. Thats just as racist as voting against him cause hes black. Either way both canidates are evil, and i dont know which one is less evil. I think it comes down to the vice presidents. If Obama gets assinated or McCain dies of old age. The vice presidents would become president. We cant have a bitch bleed everymonth run our country. I guess vote Obama! peace.

  • hopps83

    Im from the Uk and if you guys manage to Fuck This Up! Im coming over to get my Riot on....

  • http://thelastbloggeronearth.blogspot.com TLBlogger

    LMAO ^^^^ http://i35.tinypic.com/fkmy50.jpg
    I voted today in NYC and by some miracle it only took me 5 minutes

  • Belize

    Better than watching Derrick Rose go for 30 my nig


    Belize, AZ

  • http://www.myspace.com/otivito V.P.
  • methods

    goddamn, I got like a couple months til I can vote. but everyone who can vote should get out there and voice your opinion. and stay educated!

  • Mr. W3st

    Voted Just Now In Cali, took me about 10 mins to get in n get out..not too bad..


    "Obama For Mankind,
    We Ready For Damn Change, So Ya'll Let The Man Shine"--Young Jizzle (My Prez Is Black)

  • goretex3030

    Change Tha World

  • Mr.G
  • Mr.G

    If you a felon you can vote as long as you not on probation...No more excuses niggas. Talk about it or be about it, unless you have FACTS that coincide with the negatives you have to bring up about Obama, then save that shit. Somebody HAS to get elected, so bitching about how "Obama's another Nixon.." or "The governments all lies..." is a waste of an argument. Unless you plan on moving out the fucking country, VOTE! Cause you niggas would stand in line for a fucking Xbox game, or some fucking Exclusive shit from a sneaker boutique. Last time I checked microsoft wasnt trying to do shit for the country except get you some fucking Achievement Points.

    Obama '08.

  • Cannons

    Cannons x Rock The Vote!


    Los Angeles, California

  • Cannons

    Cannons x Rock The Vote!

    Cannons x Rock The Vote!


    Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California

  • Cannons

    I Got it right this time!

    Cannons x Rock The Vote!

    Cannons x Rock The Vote!


    Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California

  • J. Wonder

    Voted Via Mail last week! Plz Lord Obama!


  • J. Wonder
  • o8

    CROOKED I - BLOCK OBAMA II EP ---- OUT NOW !!!!!!! --------



  • http://underagedthinking.wordpress.com jon.C

    not all the pics are being posted huh...


  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    so a nug can't leave his computer for 5 minutes?

    i don't see your pic, jon.

  • http://knowxone.com KNOWxONE
  • Mike G
  • http://bananaclipse.blogspot.com bananaclipse(3.0)

    lol @ just showing support now

  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    people are bitching, so why not?

  • dojo.
  • o8






  • http://myspace.com/yayamartinez Yaya
  • http://www.hiphopdx.com/blogs/meka Meka

    d, linc's arizona ballot is the reason why floridians are fucking up their votes. who the fuck wants to play "connect the dots" in an election process? that shit's beyond stupid.

  • http://myspace.com/yungpisdope Paul Is So Dope

    that converse picture is the shit.
    lets go OBAMA.

  • http://www.DJJAV.com DJ JAV


  • http://www.myspace.com/thecrowdfavorite J.S.
  • http://www.myspace.com/jok2007 JOSH PAUL


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  • http://myspace.com/legacyhiphop Belize

    Yes we can!

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