Diz Gibran - Freestyle (prod. Swiff D.)

Here's the audio version of the freestyle Diz dropped over at VIMBY a few months ago. Props to Mario.

DOWNLOAD:  Diz Gibran - Freestyle (prod. Swiff D.)

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  • miker191

    diz sounds nice as hell over melodic production like this! it's too bad the sound quality isn't the greatest here.

  • http://www.vimby.com/blog/?contributor=mario mario

    Good looks for this post MEKA. Big Tune tonight.?

  • http://www.myspace.com/khillmusic Hillmatic04

    He sounds like Stat Quo, which is not a diss at all. Dope.

  • http://knowxone.com KNOWxONE

    My man Diz will be making history real soon.

  • Rik

    I'm still tryin to download the Dom Kennedy Vimby free.

  • http://www.vimby.com/blog/?contributor=mario mario

    ^ That should be up soon. Just keep checking back


  • http://www.praverb.net Praverb

    Diz is a beast...

  • http://www.vibe.com Jozen

    Yes, please get Dom Kennedy's freestyle up there, I've been bumping that since it went up..."life is way easier than you probably ever make it"

  • http://www.vimby.com/blog/?contributor=mario Mario