G*Two, A.P. & Pro'verb Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Meka November 11, 2008

[vimeo 2217216]

At the Funkadelic Freestyles radio show last Tuesday, some of the DMV's up and comers spat a freestyle that Amanda sent me. And under the cut was their reaction to the presidential election.


  • wow...Lyriciss got no tag in the video even though i spit too? LMAO
    sike nah, it's all love though
    high-quality version of the vid coming soon, courtesy of Lyriciss, Pro'Verb, & Equinox Productions.

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • newgoldenera

    i don't personally like talking about anything bad happening period so as not to put bad energy out there, but i will say just to co-sign the last part of what AP said in the second video: no matter what happens, PLEASE don't f-k up h street, i live around there and they JUST NOW got it back together 40 years after the last time we burned s--t...a few black folk own buildings around that way (some of whom need to put their buildings to use instead of letting be vacant and f--ked up waiting to sell them in some big real estate deal instead of developing them OURSELVES)



  • newgoldenera

    oh yeah and the young boys were spitting in that first video...only thing i wish is that (1) we could hear the beat in the video and (2) they kept rapping non-stop instead of pausing every time before a new person rapped...keep the cipher going y'all, just jump right in there next time!

  • @ Spirit
    The video that my team has, we blended the radio audio with the video, so the whole picture will come together. Be on the lookout.

  • chris

    yea my homie pro ripped it....rest of those cats was nice too....yo why didnt yall post his mixtape? shit is fire

  • DDo

    lol @ this...

    more video footage @ DDotOmen.com