• http://www.vinylmeltdown.com judge mental

    anyone interested in the new project should head here for an interview with lou:


  • hiphopfiend604

    "Blast From the Past" is another track, available on their myspace and facebook pages...

    Thanks for the shout, Shake

  • http://www.rhymehouse.com RMLondon

    As one of Lou's biggest fans, I wonder...wtf is he doing? On the fence so far with this project.

  • Grub Sessions

    or hit up this interview with lou: grubsessions.blogspot.com

  • http://philliptomlin.com PhiLL!

    Well if you are a true fan of Lou then you should be pleased with this progression in his art of storytelling. Fall off the damn fence and land in the ocean with a surfboard! I really enjoy this EP it is out now for purchase at their MySpace and you get an awesome video with it! Lou is evolving it is only natural that something he intends to be innovative would be just that! Don't listen for Louis Logic, listen to Louis Dorley the musician/artist! If you do that then you won't be disappointed I assure you! High5! Spork Kills! Watch out at KFC!

  • Ray

    I've been waiting for true original sound like this... refreshing like a cool drink of water