• http://kick-a-verse.blogspot.com Hillmatic04

    Man...Kurupt and Daz always go hard. Cali's been running shit all year. Can't wait for the album. These are my dudes!

  • Zach Black

    *Looks at the preview above
    Yep, thats exactly why i watched this video.

    But damn the song sucked.

  • http://www.yff365.com Joe King

    west west, yawl

  • dubsmith

    dogg pound biatch!!!

  • http://thehezyelnetwork.wordpress.com Jessa Hezyel

    ok now im in the correct post...anyhoo
    just when i thought black folks were going to progress….. smh

  • Boris

    skips to booty shakin parts
    that song was hot YUCK!!!

  • miker191

    when did Lady of Rage grow a mustache & start sounding like B-Real?