Ludacris - Everybody Hates Chris f. Chris Rock

The clean version, courtesy of Splash. That dripping sound you're hearing? That's the noise an album makes when it's slowly leaking...

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  • RobNBanks

    lmfaoo that drippin sound slowly leaking shit is fucking corny

  • j.dEEZY

    Nice track, looking forward to Theater, but this song has to be explicit.. At least the hook lol.

  • ClubLA

    I dont like that sound my nigga, lol. I like it when that shit just drops, BOOM!! Group Rip/Explicit and all. Shouldnt be that long though my nigga. I say tomorrow or latest Wednesday. Both Luda's and Kanye's album. 1-2 Days more people. Just hold tight. Dont scream, its ok. Not the end of the world.

  • Chris


    Kanye's album been out in its entirety since last wednesday. im waitin on that Luda. i just need the intro, Southern Gangsta, and Nasty Girl.

  • sideshowRaheem


    That version of the Kanye album is not the retail version the WebRip version that leaked today is retail and at least 4 of the tracks have different mixes.

  • why is it awaiting moderation???

  • Chris

    it still been out since last week even though it wasnt retail. album is horrible. Theater Of The Mind destroys that shit.

  • xmen

    im feelin this luda shit.. might be the first cd of his i actually like.. found this floatin around pretty interesting even tho the beat is stupid played

  • Chris

    that Nasty Girl track is sick. Plies coulda done better though.

  • Showman3000

    Ludas album is already leaked and so is Kanye's (the official one)!
    I just saw the person who got the officail, take a pic pic of the cover front, back, inserts, tracklist and all that. Bonus shit on it too. I didn't download it cause I'm apart of "BAN AUTO-TUNE FOUNDATION" even though I do like Kanye. lmao Sorry Yezzy!

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  • Chris

    yeah everything from Theater Of The Mind is out now. finna go listen to it now.

  • karim

    any one got links for either retail albums?


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