Ludacris – Everybody Hates Chris f. Chris Rock

blame it on Meka November 17, 2008

The clean version, courtesy of Splash. That dripping sound you’re hearing? That’s the noise an album makes when it’s slowly leaking…

DOWNLOAD: Ludacris – Everybody Hates Chris f. Chris Rock

  • RobNBanks

    lmfaoo that drippin sound slowly leaking shit is fucking corny

  • j.dEEZY

    Nice track, looking forward to Theater, but this song has to be explicit.. At least the hook lol.

  • ClubLA

    I dont like that sound my nigga, lol. I like it when that shit just drops, BOOM!! Group Rip/Explicit and all. Shouldnt be that long though my nigga. I say tomorrow or latest Wednesday. Both Luda’s and Kanye’s album. 1-2 Days more people. Just hold tight. Dont scream, its ok. Not the end of the world.

  • Chris


    Kanye’s album been out in its entirety since last wednesday. im waitin on that Luda. i just need the intro, Southern Gangsta, and Nasty Girl.

  • sideshowRaheem


    That version of the Kanye album is not the retail version the WebRip version that leaked today is retail and at least 4 of the tracks have different mixes.

  • why is it awaiting moderation???

  • Chris

    it still been out since last week even though it wasnt retail. album is horrible. Theater Of The Mind destroys that shit.

  • xmen

    im feelin this luda shit.. might be the first cd of his i actually like.. found this floatin around pretty interesting even tho the beat is stupid played

  • Chris

    that Nasty Girl track is sick. Plies coulda done better though.

  • Showman3000

    Ludas album is already leaked and so is Kanye’s (the official one)!
    I just saw the person who got the officail, take a pic pic of the cover front, back, inserts, tracklist and all that. Bonus shit on it too. I didn’t download it cause I’m apart of “BAN AUTO-TUNE FOUNDATION” even though I do like Kanye. lmao Sorry Yezzy!

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  • Chris

    yeah everything from Theater Of The Mind is out now. finna go listen to it now.

  • karim

    any one got links for either retail albums?