DJ Clark Kent - Loud Interview pt.1-2 (Video)


I missed out on posting these interview clips as they came out so I wanna catch up before the next one drops. If you don't know (of) DJ Clark Kent, you better get on you Wiki Google game tough. Check above as he talks about how the game has changed because of the web, the internet buzz around artists like Charles Hamilton, how Joe Budden might be one of the best lyricists ever and why a guy that gets super-busy like Lupe Fiasco can still sell records. More after the jump...


Part 2 above (taped before the election) has Clark talking about Obama and the media's scrutiny of Iraq and the potential similarities with hip hop. He also talks about how he's been able to transform hip hop taste into a profitable niche for himself at Nike as a creative consultant. Shouts to John!

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  • Truth from the truth.

  • ffeell1 VA all Day

    I'm glad people like him are truly speaking their mind. I don't make a lot of money. I'm a 9 to 5 guy with a wife. I love hip hop. I been listening since I was like 8 yrs old and in a couple months I'm gonna be 30. Hip Hop is still my music of choice, and I'm sure it will be till I'm old. I enjoy outlets such as the blogs and satellite radio because I get to hear artists I otherwise wouldn't have heard. I buy what I can find when I have the money, and really appreciate these artists giving me something for free now and then. I'm being long winded, but I got to say this. Stop illegally Downloading artist music and fuck commercial radio. you like it buy it. And people start being yourself, most times I don't post comments bcuz of the dumb shit that's already been said. Oh and fuck these fake ass internet thugs. ONE!

  • True words from the Coach CK, my mentor & friend. Yo Shake this guy had me, Curtains & Sandman at one point, back in like 2001

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