Common – Punch Drunk Love f. Kanye West (prod. The Neptunes)

blame it on Shake November 24, 2008

Well well well, look what I have here. A new joint off Common’s Universal Mind Control, featuring Kanye to the. Shouts to the homie OcTo.

DOWNLOAD: Common – Punch Drunk f. Kanye West (prod. The Neptunes) | Mediafire
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  • Nick

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT LIKE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ace

    yeah shits hot. maybe the best all together track so far but UMC has an amzing beat, thats my shit

    no verse from kan either

  • Ilajide

    Wasn’t Pharrell supposed to be on this song? Instead of Kanye?

  • pretty sure the neptunes produced it.


    so this is what happened to that track The Eye! hmm well played Mr. Lynn, well played…

  • cav

    didnt mtv say kanye produced it?

  • ty

    way 2 finish the day out skrong….lol

  • oh man this shit was ill

  • Wow…I cant believe this. I just wrote a song today called “Love Drunk” Totally different concept but still real weird.

  • so much great music coming out

  • Jpeezy
  • Jpeezy

    ya welcome niggas!!!

  • Jpeezy

    common – gladiator……. for the lost ones

  • bG

    holy hell! this song is dope!

  • shAwn

    so nice right here. common kanye and neptunes production…thats a recipe for destruction.

  • BFF

    Common is soft. Word play is average at best.. he’s also a racist. And bland.


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  • TheLastEmperor

    Fuck, this album is gonna be ass

    I love Common but every single I’ve heard from this release has been hot garbage. Stop gettin down with Pharell and the Neptunes, that shit don’t suit the dude – he needs to do it with Ye again

  • Thaaaamas


    thank you for this

  • This is probably one of the illest joints i’ve heard from the new cut…

  • dope!

  • micheal jackson( hee hee)

    common is my daddy

  • Just ill

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  • Sasha

    Beat is a monster, but Common is waaaaaaaaaaay off.

  • Big_E

    wow UMC is gonna be even worse then Electric Circuit… way worse 2

  • VIPhi76

    yo, everyone that says this song is ass is stupid. this is shaped to be one of common’s best albums, and yall talkin bout it sucks and how “off” he is on the beat… Common is a true hip-hop artist and if u not feelin this then u not hip hop… how could u say the album wont sell or its gonna be his worse when about 80% of the ppl on this page just commented on how hot the song is.. maybe you are the weird ones… common is comin out wit another classic, and right at the right time.. hip-hop lives again

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