Muja Messiah - Tha Madness (Video)


Brand new video off Muja's album, Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy.

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  • jon jon


  • C-Rocka

    One of the best parts of this vid is during the hook, yeaahhh...I'm diggin' the whole static and sratch effect on the film. MPLS! CHEA!

  • diggler

    Yes bredren starr!big tingz gwan!

  • knifenecklace

    Video is dope and this is my favorite song off Thee Adventures...

  • Saucy Dame Dizzle

    By far the best Muja Messiah video I've yet to see (so far). Bangin' track and one of my favorite songs on the album. I'm looking forward to a video for "Growing Pains" *hint hint*.

  • Saucy Dame Dizzle

    Yo, for the high definition version of this video go here:

    You Tube doesn't give the artistic element its just due.

  • Whatevermang