Asher Roth Goes to College (Video)

blame it on Shake November 28, 2008

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.753564&w=425&h=350&fv=]

I guess I can take this time to see if there are any dopeboyz/girlz out there are currently hitting the books in college? I think it'd be safe to say there's a good majority right?

  • Gutter does. Iona College, New Roc, NY all the way from Sac, CA. Asher @ the University of Spoiled Children? Ahhh damn.

  • obesecow

    UCLA always appreciates Meka and Shake's hard work. Keep up the good work!

  • haze

    big ups to the dopeboyz from UVA

  • robin banks

    haha dope video, ash is that duude i hope he gets his shine.

  • G-Kidd

    soon to be in FIU!

  • Toast

    Northern Michigan University anyone? haha

  • Yea im @ Univ of Pittsburgh...boutta bring Mr. Roth up there for a concert nxt semester actually

  • Yea im @ Univ of Pittsburgh...boutta bring Mr. Roth up there for a concert nxt semester actually


  • UCI. Props for the vid.

  • marcus

    Asher is that dude...gonna change the game...I love College is that shit

  • Big_E

    UMD wut up! Asher came up here and performed at our local bar and was a pretty chill ass mofo. Anybody thats been 2 college can feel this dude...

  • CPHead

    Cal Poly!!! Wat UP!!!

  • Kingpin

    Texas Tech over here

  • Beer Pong is the shit... sad 2 say thats the main reason i got 2 college! Lol!


  • bob

    LIU brooklyn campus, wats good

  • everyoneknowsbest

    including us college folk huh! i just finished up college, done done done after four years... comin for the world in '09!

  • paterick

    Fordham U

  • charlito

    Cabrini College...whats good??

  • YouthHominid

    UF Them gator boys are hot right now!!

  • Ira

    Fordham in here!

  • BU in the house!

  • Kinda Kool Kidd

    UCSB up in the beezy..ill take homeboy in beer pong..you never seen a black boy so ill at it

  • Spud

    University of Maryland right here... and asher was wearing the terps hoodie on the mtvU woodie awards

  • deltron

    BU also! Soon to be McGill

  • 35oznin

    Baylor on mine

  • Snider

    Good ole double enrollment NCSU & Shaw University.

  • Deen


  • markeith

    college of san mateo

    fullbackin on yo bitcha ss

  • jameswilk

    full sail university
    open ya mind up

  • its very dope to see all the students here.

  • brittasaur

    Drexel University & UPenn! Asher should come visit!

    "I am Champ-ion at Beer Pong" lol.

    I love College is my shit!

  • JayMac

    Me and my boys at Cal State Northridge will run any of ya'll in beer pong. Oh yeah, asher is dope, hope he drops before shady comes out though.

  • Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.
    I know im the only one. lol.
    Last year!!!
    Hopefully, DC is where I go next.

  • gasm

    college kid here. canisius.

  • gasm

    lgwtheprince: he's coming to Pitt?

  • T-Jay

    cazenovia college...def appreciate all your hard work

  • RIPimpC

    fordham university, bronx ny
    yall keep it up, appreciate ya

  • Gnar Gnar!

    i guess sooo!

  • skooter

    Cant stand this kid.

  • rrclwb

    grad student here. higher education stand the fuck up!

  • Devry University and that UNLV reppin

    2Dopeboyz runin this blog shit!!

  • I meant killin the competition

  • RSX

    All my apps in, hoping GA Tech or Florida.

    Asher Roth reppin for the jews :D

  • Riktar

    GMU!! yeaaaa boiiiiii!!! lol

  • I had a little write up on my site as to why people hate him...h.o let me find it

  • http://jacquesmorel.blogspot.com/2008/11/stumbled-on-asher-roth-messing-around.html

    There we go. People do not hate him because they think he is subpar..he is just different.

  • bG

    Georgia State University baby, its great down there

  • daniel

    check you guys everyday
    university of wisconsin madison
    being a freshman sucks

  • ATLIEN87

    UGA checkin in

  • Mike G

    university of pittsburgh

  • methods

    ash roth is dope

  • chuzer34

    Youngstown State baby


    DCtoBC.com. i just had to do that.


    Drexel University & UPenn! Asher should come visit!
    “I am Champ-ion at Beer Pong” lol.
    I love College is my shit!


    drexel stand up!
    even if this school sux....

  • Kinda Kool Kidd

    Sorry Yall but University of California - Santa Barbara run it in beer pong, partying and bomb girls..thats just the way the dice roll..come see me

  • yeadude