Asher Roth Goes to College (Video)

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I guess I can take this time to see if there are any dopeboyz/girlz out there are currently hitting the books in college? I think it'd be safe to say there's a good majority right?

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  • Gutter does. Iona College, New Roc, NY all the way from Sac, CA. Asher @ the University of Spoiled Children? Ahhh damn.

  • obesecow

    UCLA always appreciates Meka and Shake's hard work. Keep up the good work!

  • haze

    big ups to the dopeboyz from UVA

  • robin banks

    haha dope video, ash is that duude i hope he gets his shine.

  • G-Kidd

    soon to be in FIU!

  • Toast

    Northern Michigan University anyone? haha

  • Yea im @ Univ of Pittsburgh...boutta bring Mr. Roth up there for a concert nxt semester actually

  • Yea im @ Univ of Pittsburgh...boutta bring Mr. Roth up there for a concert nxt semester actually

  • UCI. Props for the vid.

  • marcus

    Asher is that dude...gonna change the game...I love College is that shit

  • Big_E

    UMD wut up! Asher came up here and performed at our local bar and was a pretty chill ass mofo. Anybody thats been 2 college can feel this dude...

  • CPHead

    Cal Poly!!! Wat UP!!!

  • Kingpin

    Texas Tech over here

  • Beer Pong is the shit... sad 2 say thats the main reason i got 2 college! Lol!

  • bob

    LIU brooklyn campus, wats good

  • everyoneknowsbest

    including us college folk huh! i just finished up college, done done done after four years... comin for the world in '09!

  • paterick

    Fordham U

  • charlito

    Cabrini College...whats good??

  • YouthHominid

    UF Them gator boys are hot right now!!

  • Ira

    Fordham in here!

  • BU in the house!

  • Kinda Kool Kidd

    UCSB up in the beezy..ill take homeboy in beer never seen a black boy so ill at it

  • Spud

    University of Maryland right here... and asher was wearing the terps hoodie on the mtvU woodie awards

  • deltron

    BU also! Soon to be McGill

  • 35oznin

    Baylor on mine

  • Snider

    Good ole double enrollment NCSU & Shaw University.

  • Deen


  • markeith

    college of san mateo

    fullbackin on yo bitcha ss

  • jameswilk

    full sail university
    open ya mind up

  • its very dope to see all the students here.

  • brittasaur

    Drexel University & UPenn! Asher should come visit!

    "I am Champ-ion at Beer Pong" lol.

    I love College is my shit!

  • JayMac

    Me and my boys at Cal State Northridge will run any of ya'll in beer pong. Oh yeah, asher is dope, hope he drops before shady comes out though.

  • Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.
    I know im the only one. lol.
    Last year!!!
    Hopefully, DC is where I go next.

  • gasm

    college kid here. canisius.

  • gasm

    lgwtheprince: he's coming to Pitt?

  • T-Jay

    cazenovia college...def appreciate all your hard work

  • RIPimpC

    fordham university, bronx ny
    yall keep it up, appreciate ya

  • Gnar Gnar!

    i guess sooo!

  • skooter

    Cant stand this kid.

  • rrclwb

    grad student here. higher education stand the fuck up!

  • Devry University and that UNLV reppin

    2Dopeboyz runin this blog shit!!

  • I meant killin the competition

  • RSX

    All my apps in, hoping GA Tech or Florida.

    Asher Roth reppin for the jews :D

  • Riktar

    GMU!! yeaaaa boiiiiii!!! lol

  • I had a little write up on my site as to why people hate him...h.o let me find it


    There we go. People do not hate him because they think he is subpar..he is just different.

  • bG

    Georgia State University baby, its great down there

  • daniel

    check you guys everyday
    university of wisconsin madison
    being a freshman sucks

  • ATLIEN87

    UGA checkin in

  • Mike G

    university of pittsburgh

  • methods

    ash roth is dope

  • chuzer34

    Youngstown State baby

  • BOSTON COLLEGE. i just had to do that.


    Drexel University & UPenn! Asher should come visit!
    “I am Champ-ion at Beer Pong” lol.
    I love College is my shit!


    drexel stand up!
    even if this school sux....

  • Kinda Kool Kidd

    Sorry Yall but University of California - Santa Barbara run it in beer pong, partying and bomb girls..thats just the way the dice roll..come see me

  • yeadude



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