Serius Jones – Serius Bizness (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake November 28, 2008

Loud.com links up with Serius Jones for his latest mixtape in which he has the following to say:

…Win, lose or draw, I was forced to put my life on the line to create reality outta what use to be my dream. “Serius Bizness” is a chapter in the legacy of my rise to international “starism.” For those who have followed my story and have been waiting for my album to drop or those that just heard my name somewhere and maybe a freestyle, “Serius Bizness” (Street Album/DVD) should put any sleeping on my artistry to bed and wake up the game to the fact that “Serius” lives up to his name. Being that i’ve been considered one of the greatest “battle” rappers ever i have no choice but to make legendary music above and beyond just “rap” or fall into the obscurity of the losing majority. So far in this industry i have lost family and friends, went from multi-million dollar contract to on my own hustling to pay for studio time and videos and i’ve learned this is a “serious” business for real. Im humbled by the talent of the musicians and directors that i have been blessed to work with and If this is just my “mixtape” music and visuals imagine what “Life is Serius” is gonna b like. Lets make this History yall!!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Serius Jones – Serius Bizness (Mixtape)

  • TheLastEmperor

    Thanks Shake

    Hope this is good, he’s a very dope battle rapper however has yet to really show me he is capable of making an album.

  • preciate this serius jones is raw

  • malakidagod

    hmm im listening to it right now i aint mad at it its nice

  • Bobby2


  • ev

    love the shot of him rippin murda mook

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  • Lo

    I dont normally do this Serius but I’ve been tryna to get in contact with you. I am definitely sexually and mentally attracted to you and wish you could call me sometime. When you see me I promise you wont be disappointed. Just give me a chance I’m not a groupie or a stalker lol so plz dont worry. I would have wrote you on myspace but i dont have a myspace page but if I dont hear back from you then im prolly gonna make 1 lol. You probably wont ever reply and i’ll be kicking myself for this but hey it was worth a try. I love your music, I’m from DC and been wishing you would tour down here so i could tell you this face 2 face. I dont want much from you but just a reply….something so that i can stop trying to find ways to come to ny or nj n talk to u in person.
    Yours Truly,

  • Lo

    p.s. YES IM A WOMAN!!!

  • Lo

    oh and hit me @ [email protected]