• TheLastEmperor

    Thanks Shake

    Hope this is good, he's a very dope battle rapper however has yet to really show me he is capable of making an album.

  • http://www.myspace.com/arjaer Jae R

    preciate this serius jones is raw

  • malakidagod

    hmm im listening to it right now i aint mad at it its nice

  • Bobby2


  • ev

    love the shot of him rippin murda mook

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  • Lo

    I dont normally do this Serius but I've been tryna to get in contact with you. I am definitely sexually and mentally attracted to you and wish you could call me sometime. When you see me I promise you wont be disappointed. Just give me a chance I'm not a groupie or a stalker lol so plz dont worry. I would have wrote you on myspace but i dont have a myspace page but if I dont hear back from you then im prolly gonna make 1 lol. You probably wont ever reply and i'll be kicking myself for this but hey it was worth a try. I love your music, I'm from DC and been wishing you would tour down here so i could tell you this face 2 face. I dont want much from you but just a reply....something so that i can stop trying to find ways to come to ny or nj n talk to u in person.
    Yours Truly,

  • Lo

    p.s. YES IM A WOMAN!!!

  • Lo