Freeway's Month of Madness (Video)


Starting on December 1st, Freeway will be dropping a new song everyday for 30 days. It proved to difficult to keep up when XV did his 40 Days, 40 Nights series. Same with Young Chris' 30 Days, 30 Verses thing. So who knows how we'll pull with this. I am excited for a bunch new Free shit though.

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  • c-san

    honestly whats the purpose?? Freeway is dope but no need for all of that..

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  • N-

    Can people submit beats?

  • MTB
  • Showman3000

    Opp there goes another biter with this weekly/monthly/daily crap!! So many people are biting that I'm sure no one can even remember who's the originator of this trend.

    Gees! I like Freeway too!

    What is the game coming to?

  • Lil’ Nello

    Intro to the series appropriately entitled "Month Of Madness"

  • Royaelty

    He iz killin 'em....!
    da 3 jointz zo far r all g'
    3 down 28 2 go...kip 'em kumin

  • M

    Yeah, how can we submit beatz for this project??


Skillz - "2015 Rap Up"

The Mad one returns with a 2015 installment of his year-end series.

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