Joe Budden Gets No Groupie Love (Video)


Hi. I'm Derrick.

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  • imartsysowhat?

    He said she look like Carma Electrifying Lol...

  • DJ dviousmindZ

    hahaahhah "welcome to Canada the home of dick tease!" couldn't have said it better myself.

  • AyyDee
  • Ant got back....literally, she got a long back ...lmao

  • wrecknoble

    "derrick"... classic

  • Trilogy

    LOL....called this guy Big Boss Man! Damn, I gotta go back and check some old WWF (not WWE) footage

  • Bluntman

    Hi i'm derick, really.


    "look baby you fine but your girl is ugly as HELL!!" hahahahah

  • deezzzzz

    "Look baby you fine but your girlfriend's notttt" from Joe Budden - Pump it Up

  • jersey since day 1

    best episode of Joe budden tv yet. lol Bam Bam Bigalow

  • jo5h

    lol this is like a behind the music feature. "bam bam bigolow", that pump it up line. LOL

  • theworldtakeover

    Lol! " her ass look like mine"

  • charlito

    that chick's face was shot. gross...

  • Curtis Jackson


  • bux


  • G-Kidd

    i'd hit

  • jaydon the don

    is there some sort of award we can come up with to give joey? these videos have provide hours of entertainment.

  • deltric

    damn.Joe hating.let the big nigga get some shine.

  • Yo

    " Look baby you fine but your girlfriend ugly then a motherfucker."

  • Zach Black

    Joey is the funniest alive..."her ass look like mine" i lost it

  • esbe.

    lol @ derrick.
    & smh @ the bitch not knowing any better.

  • Jay-Mall$

    Lmao... this nigga name is "bam bam big a low" that white shawty probably toped all them niggas off camera.

  • edgar c.

    Lmao… this nigga name is “bam bam big a low” that white shawty probably toped all them niggas off camera.

    Jay-Mall$ said this on November 30, 2008 at 1:10 am

    lol...she prolly did...

    if any of those dudes was drinking heavily that night they most definitely got some brain...

    dudes be givin a godamn who givin em head when they drunk...

  • Mike

    ewww ewww

  • Mike

    Best line in this vid!


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