NFL Week 13 Predictions

blame it on Meka November 29, 2008

Hope everyone’s having a (2)dope break from all the stressors in the world and lamping with family or scoring a nice deal from the stores. After my own experience with Black Friday I’m sure that’ll be my first and last time doing that. I had to wait in line for almost 90 minutes just to enter a store raped for all its goods, only to find a jacket – which was what I was looking for the entire time – chilling in the cut untouched. And let me not get into the Wal-Mart employee who got trampled to death. Feel free to share your horror stories if you have one as well.

Anyways, on the football front there’s a few good games going on this weekend. Thursday’s games were all blowouts, so maybe there’ll be some close ones Sunday and Monday. And a special, “epic fail” shout out goes to Plaxico Burress for popping himself in the leg like the geek from 8 Mile. Thoughts, people. For the (2)Dope Madden Playoffs, everybody who was in the regular season and interested in the playoffs send me a message of your record to my XBox Gamertag mail, even if you’re under .500. The playoffs will start in two weeks. Now enjoy Lauren London and Cassie above, and drop who’s your addiction[s]  below. I got dibs on Mya and Kerry Washington.

Tennessee at Detroit
Seattle at Dallas
Arizona at Philadelphia

Indianapolis at Cleveland
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Miami at St. Louis
San Francisco at Buffalo
Carolina at Green Bay
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
NY Giants at Washingon
Atlanta at San Diego
Pittsburgh at New England
Denver at NY Jets
Kansas City at Oakland
Chicago at Minnesota
Jacksonville at Houston

  • Broncos!! Miss jack davey is all mine!

  • YoungNae


  • entourage s1-3
    family guy s1-2
    house s1-3
    superbad dvd
    fallen dvd
    pursuit of happiness
    weeds s3
    across the universe
    couple jackets/hoodies
    8gb flash drive
    nba2k9 for ps3

    I did alright haha.

  • yasser

    New Orleans
    New Orleans
    New Orleans
    New Orleans
    New Orleans

  • quickV

    some pregnant women got stampeded 2 and a dude got shot at toys r us here in NY

  • black friday story – went to wal mart at 8, found good parking, scored NCAA 09 for $30. Went to best buy today, with yesterday’s walmart printout advertising madden 09 for $30 and got a price override haha

    Green Bay
    Tampa Bay
    NY Giants
    New England
    NY Jets
    Kansas City

  • Vikes over Bears! That’s the only game that matters!

  • KingL.R.G.84

    Green Bay All the way! Fuck the Vikings…

  • imartsysowhat?

    Dolphin’s… we’re can still in the race for the wild card, we need the Steelers to beat the Patriots, and a victory 2morr.

    That’s bad for Plaxico; he’s damaged goods.

  • imartsysowhat?

    I have to go with Rosario Dawson & Erica Hubbard.

  • Preo

    Atlanta keepin it up w/ a W over a team underachieving.

    I was in Canada til 2day, and on Friday i was at a mall where i guess, even thou it wasnt Thanksgiving there, they had a black friday starting at like noon… Got a Raptors hoodie like 35 bucks off and NHL 09 for like 52 bucks USD

  • *Cosigns YoungNae*

  • bucs biaaaattttchh….. new orleans eat a dick die bitches…bucs 4 life

  • here we go…

    eve mendes
    family guy seasons 1, 2, 4, and 7
    office season 5
    the wire
    im a eat you alive by wayne that shyt rocks!

    I prolly skipped a few but those are off the top…and where the hell you getting these pics. Ciara and london bad as hell in this jont!

    Ay dmv right here…
    Oh yeah post something bout the g1 dude cause this is a true iphone killer, most underrated phone ever.


  • Damn I called cassie ciara…but shyt she should be modelin too shyt…

    Just schoolin deez fools like devry

  • Lil’ Nello

    Green Bay
    Tampa Bay
    NY Giants
    San Diego
    New England
    NY Jets

    my upset pick with Philly already come to fruition the other day

    shit I got to many to name but funny you should post Lauren cause I would probably say my top 2 are Melyssa Ford & Lauren London
    I’m guessing to that you either did that purposely or coincidentally with posting Lauren up since here b-day is this coming week & is actually the same day as the big homie HOVA

  • gmoney

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!

  • Big_E

    Ravens shittin all ova the Palmerless Bungles 2day

  • Lil’ Nello

    if you want to really talk about addiction(s) to check that out for a list http://thisizgame.ning.com/profiles/blogs/for-discussion-the-sexiest
    OH BOY!!!!!!!

  • creativ.sole

    Since my ‘Boys already sh*tted on their opponents.
    Hoping the Deadskins get that a** whipped.

  • RAE


  • kAMiAM

    Gabrielle Union & L.London Easy!

  • chyea


  • And like I said the falcoons put in work as usual neexxxxttt

  • dp

    Thanks for that pic playboy. Cowboys got this thing onsmash (no thekidLegend).