Common – What A World f. Chester French

blame it on Shake November 30, 2008

Common links up with Chester French for the latest leak off Invincible Summer Universal Mind Control. I’m really digging the old school flow on this one. The album is shaping up nicely imo. Refreshing stuff. Shouts to X for the linkage.

DOWNLOAD: Common – What A World f. Chester French | Mediafire
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  • BFF

    Another soft offering. Common has actually regressed in recent years. He’s boring, lacklustre and hollow. Like Water for Chocolate was his peak. I’ll download the album just to deny him a sale (even though I wouldn’t buy it).

  • RSX

    not digging the Sugar Hill Gang flow. Beat is nice; he wasted it.

  • PunchDrunkLove

    Personally think that’s a shocking comment
    Always has been and always will be the freshest around
    Sick tune
    Sick beat
    Common + Neptunes = genius
    Can’t quite agree with him regressing in the past few years, at all
    Be ?!?

  • Nous

    Funky. I LOVE the vibe with Chester French, but yeah, I kinda don’t like the Sugar Hill Gang flow, either. It’s enough to make me not want this track

    This track would been better served by another MC.

  • grs

    I agree with the first two comments. What happened to this album!? Common is just rapping nonsense anymore. The last two albums (with Kanye at the helm) were awesome. This one is worthless.

  • Artz

    I have to disagree with the regressed statement as well.Dude did say this is a feel good album or party album.I like the fact he did something different,if he kept making the same songs then you all probably would complain about that as well.Swear when people try something different they get downed for it,stick to the same formula then they are described as one dimensional

  • xeroth3t3ck

    Exactly, i like the new direction, to me this is great. If i had to hear the same shit from an artist over and over, they would fade fast cuz people would sick of it. He said this album was going to be a fun album and also pay homage as well.

  • In case you weren’t paying attention to anything Common said about this album…he is making it to be a feel good album. That doesn’t mean he ain’t the same rapper you came up listenin’ to. It was supposed to come out in the summer & be called Invincible Summer. Now it’s Universal Mind Control, but the same concept of the summertime, when everybody is out & havin’ a good time.

    Don’t believe the hype.

  • DopeSir


    i love this new direction.

  • el09ic

    I like the beat… some funky fresh sh1t… i can already breakdance to it

  • I decided not to listen to the rest of the leaks. I’ve only heard UMC & Announcement.

    BUT I believe fans of the classic Common need to chill out. I wont argue that his new style is better than his old style because it’s not. However I do believe for a man like Common, who’s released a number of albums that is more than enough to please his core fan base that if he wants to change it up for one album I’m not going to stop him or complain. Especially if it turns out to be a quality album. Sure rapping about being fly and shit isn’t the best subject (I can’t stand The Cool Kids for it) but it’s not what you do it’s how it’s done and from the two songs I’ve heard he’s doing it pretty decent.


    *turns up “looking 4 perfect beat”*

    el09ic. see me nigga….

  • Marshall

    I’m sorry but this isn’t KanYe changing up his sound or his art, Common’s change is just uninspiring and lackluster. His songs sound forced and unoriginal even with the Neptunes riding along, and this paint by numbers approach to making party music he can actually perform ill-suits him. I feel bad, and hope Common seriously goes back to his niche with Kanye, or actually do an “out there” album worth listening to

  • Belize

    The child molester?

  • People fail to pay attention that Common’s album is a concept album built off of a dance heavy vibe influenced by early hip hop offerings & the summer season. If you understand the concept you’d appreciate the joints more. I like it! This song has a 70s hip hop flow mixed with a Queen “another one bites the dust” influence.

  • I still don’t know how I’m gonna feel about this album as a whole, but this is pretty fresh!


  • I wasn’t feeling UMC (the song) until I heard this. Now it sounds like this album is gonna be a cohesive, new style. UMC threw me for a loop because, yeah, it wouldn’t fit into any previous Com release. But alongside this?

    I can dig it.

  • xeroth3t3ck

    for those saying that his songs sound forced, listen to Electric Circus. That album is so diverse. Gladiator is as heavy as I got the right ta. Same style and its produced by neptunes.

  • Ya’ll niggas sayin’ the same shit over & over

  • JF

    I love Common with Kanye … and have to admit that I wasn’t quite feeling the first track (UMC) at first.

    Everything else I’ve heard so far sounds alright. I can appreciate good music as good music, and this is definitely good music.

  • i could care less about a album concept and all other arguments someone can convey against the OPINION of someone else.

    this song isnt good in my mind. at all. not saying i wont cop the album cuz of it. its just not my style. nuff said

  • BFF

    I understand what most of you are saying. It is debatable the degree to which one can label a ‘feel good/party’ album ‘conceptual’. Now I would happily label Q-Tip’s latest album a party album, so too much of Outkast’s discography (the list is endless), and even Common’s Be would fall in this category. But, in the case of Q-Tip and Outkast, artistic growth and development is clear. In the case of Common (and granted, Be was a solid effort buoyed by the beats of KW and Dilla), Common feels lazy. Back when he put out Like Water, he was considered the ultimate soul brother, laid back, thoughtful lyrics and distinctive flow.

    Now, it seems he is too self aware of his own reputation, to the point where his music is a caricature rather than a snapshot.
    It sounds forced and false.

  • ace

    i really dont see where this “hate” for common is comming from. i think his new shit sounds fresh. this is a great track. i dont understand how old common fans cant dig this.. yeah its different but he is still commin with it

  • Curtis75Black

    Ace, niggas fell in love with Common and Kanye combination a little too much. I never read or heard peeps talk about Common at all until Be dropped. Hip Hop is about different. If ya’ll want the same ol’ listen to his earlier shit.

  • prince91

    “Be” was a near classic so I understand why people want him to go back to that but let the nigga experiment a little.

  • BFF

    Experimentation usually involves inovation.

  • xeroth3t3ck

    Man BFF did Common shit in your Crunch Berries or something?

  • DopeSir

    I think common shat on BFF’s mom. or stabbed him or something.

    Everything after the umc(joint) has been pretty (mother)fucking dope. And even if your not feeling it just shut the fuck up about it. hahaha tards…

  • Jay-Z – Brooklyn (Go Hard) (Prod. By Kanye West)


  • m.

    i jack. i rob. i sin.

  • BFF

    DopeSir, noone shat on anyone around here, or at least not that I’m aware of… Also, no need for anyone to shut up. It’s a forum. Calling people retards is pointless.

  • DopeSir

    HAHAHAHA now BFF is being all diplomatic and shit.

    From the guy who says – “I’ll download the album just to deny him a sale (even though I wouldn’t buy it.)”

    someone must have goten shitted on somewhere. hahaha tards…

  • album is great

  • its fully leaked available at the itunes leaked store at my site

  • Ty

    disappointed….btw I loved “Electric Circus”….

  • pj hardly

    CHESTER FRENCH ARE THE FUTURE! can’t wait for their full length. but in the mean time ive been checking out their featured Top 10 of 2008 playlist on erockster.com

    its holding me over for now. :)