• BombThreat

    shits trash :(

  • http://www.ryanhutch.com Ryan Hutch

    "clear the area" gets mad play on Shade 45. its a dope track. but im not gone d/l the mixtape. ugh, *lack of faith in Ca$his*. haha

  • Showman3000

    I like them. I'll give it a listen to see.

    "Clear The Area" with Royce & Crooked is dope.
    They have other songs that I liked a lot and others that were ok. So I'm giving them a chance. Why not? Ironically there's a song called "Why Not" by Cashis, Young De, Freeway, Kurrpt n Das. Pretty HOT!!

  • Zach Black

    I see they used characters from Cod4 and Army of two and Even Rainbow six vegas

  • bEreniiZ

    I Think iTs gOod. yOung De iS rEal cOo n hIs mUsic iS reAL... aNd it dUz gEt pLay oN siRiuS saTteLiTe... biG uPps