The Game – Laugh

blame it on Meka November 30, 2008

Some more Jayceon goodness, courtesy of LowKey.

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  • atl

    jayceon goodness, pause.

    nice name drop track.

  • III

    this shoulda been on LAX bonus tracks instead of them other shits.

  • Game is STILL namedropping

  • C.A.L.

    “U got me homie?” I’ll take TiRon over Game 8 days out the week.

  • MrT

    look at yall haters…game is the game… he says what he feels like… all u haters hide in 50’s panties..period

  • atl

    lol why bring up 50? what he got to do with it. people still on this BWS vs Gunit shit?

  • Big_E

    this sum premium Game shit right here… tho i aint gonna lie im gettin tired of the name droppin shit… can u at least go without sayin Dre in one song Game. damn

  • josecuervo


  • Curtis75Black

    Loved the Beat and his steelo on this. As far as his name dropping goes, That’s just how he raps.

  • Game hardly ever lets down but please get off Hova’s nuts.

  • tyro.k.y

    Name dropping is a poor excuse for the inability to write raps. I wonder how the fuck he thinks. He showed growth on doctor’s advocate but lax was whack.

    I can’t believe people cosign dudes that put out shit music and call it classic.

  • Ameree

    Why does it even matter whether he throws people’s names into his raps or not? When you don’t like songs for their lyrics, listen to the song cuz it’s a nice song. Who the fuck can compare with the shit he’s saying in this song, or most of his other songs for that matter?

  • Big_E

    i think tyro.k.y is rite 2 a point… he uses it as a crutch but i do also think that Game is a tru hip-hop fan and has mad respect for the ppl that did it b4 him… I just dont think he was cut-out 2 be in it… He is a beast 4 doin wut he did in the rap-game tho

  • yo

    agree with dude above tbh
    he is basically a chameleon (sorry chamillionaire) but he is
    he morphs into different styles and is literally a representation of “the rap game” a voice, but the voice is unoriginal, his style is to create a story using names as metaphors.

    he jst doesn’t realise he is so much better when he tells a story, and never will

    mediocre at best but did a hell of a job for someone with fuck all ability, afterall he only started rapping what, in 2001

    could’ve done better though with the amazing production he’s had over the 3 albums from dre, timbaland, kanye, scott storch, jr, cool n dre, just blaze etc


    Game is STILL namedropping
    *clicks randomly into song to hear beat*
    “what if dre”


  • Chris

    tyro.k.y hasnt even listened to LAX. it was a good album. not better than Documentary though.

  • BombThreat

    this was probably supposed to be on LAX. Dude recorded 220 tracks for it.

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  • veraci0us

    @15 lmao u funny for that line lol…

  • tyro.k.y

    I listened to LAX at least twice. Some tracks more so than others. I was a Game fan after Doctor’s Advocate. Game’s Pain is hot and the name dropping finally made sense . But then the other shit started to fall and it all went to hell. Additionally, I ignored his other character gimmicks until he started to cry on tv. Dude has no right to claim he was born in the wrong era of hip-hop when he can’t even spit a decent freestyle.

    Besides let’s be honest his beats always outshines what he spits. Even some of his quality lyrical shit since his mainstream career wasn’t original. For example, Start From Scratch is more of a cover than an original idea. I still like this song despite that. His top singles were probably all affected by 50.

    I also agree with what Yo said.

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  • quickV

    lol tyro ur not a game fan. game’s best shyt is on his mixtapes which i’m sure u never heard.

    LAX was one of his most lyrical albums yet, and it had the LEAST name dropping of all of them.

    and some of the fukin beats on LAX sucked DICK so what the FUKK r u talkin about?

    game’s singles were chosen poorly and thats why LAX failed commercially.

  • tyro.k.y

    I’ve listened to his mixtapes. Most of which suck. The majority of them are lame disses that have had no real affect. Not that disses ever really do. But his best lyrical shit came from pre-Aftermath when he was fucking with the Figga dude. Tracks like Just Beginning {where i’m from}, truth rap, and walk thru the sky are examples. Aside from Game’s Pain, Ya Heard [which Luda killed dude on], Letter to the King [which was almost ruined by the absurd name drops] what was lyrical on LAX?

  • Juan Himself

    I must admit that the name dropping is getting old.

    but another thing that is getting old is people coming on blogs pointing out the fact that he name drops. If you listen to a Game song and expect him not to name drop, then that’s just you being a JACKASS for not noticing before.

    Why do people get so anal about shit like this, ain’t nobody on here going platinum anytime soon.

    It’s music enjoy or just don’t listen.

  • quickV

    Let us live, bullet proof diaries, house of pain, gentlemans affair, never can say goodbye?

  • quickV

    Nice was pretty rediculous off the bonus cd

  • quickV

    one more thing: pre-aftermath?!!?! what about the insane Down 4 My Niggaz freestyle he did?

  • fuck yeh man.. you got it crackin game.
    what up to them bloods in tha piru.
    peace. A.D-Zee

  • this a nice ass song

  • Curtis

    Its cool to listen to…G-Shit