Serius Jones - Serius Bizness (Mixtape) links up with Serius Jones for his latest mixtape in which he has the following to say: …Win, lose or draw, I was forced to put my life on the line to create reality outta what use to be my dream. “Serius Bizness” is a chapter in the legacy of my rise to international

Asher Roth Goes to College (Video)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.753564&w=425&h=350&fv=] I guess I can take this time to see if there are any dopeboyz/girlz out there are currently hitting the books in college? I think it'd be safe to say there's a good majority right?

Brother Ali & Freeway - Truth (Live)

[youtube=] Rhymesayer's Brother Ali and Roc-A-Fella's Freeway perform their joint off Jake One's White Van Music during a show in Minneapolis. This is very cool to see. And if you haven't seen Brother Ali perform live you're wasting your life away.

Soopa Starr's Blaxploitation Friday: Tales From The Hood

* dies from laughter * What the hell were we thinking when we came up with this, people? And as always, if you’re digging this, hit up Gangstarr Girl for a fresh take on hip-hop, politics, fashion and other worldly and wordy things through the eyes of a New York-helmed around-the-way girl. Without further adeiu…

Nas & Pacific Division At Club Nokia (Video)

[youtube=] woodini69 sent me a link of a lot of footage he scored of Nas and Pac Div performing this past Wednesday. Due to the huge amount of footage he got, it's best if you roll over to his YouTube page to check them all out for yourself. For a sampler though, "NY State Of

P.Casso - Behind The Scenes Of "Mr. Hollywood" (Video)

[vimeo 2371146] Hope everyone's Black Friday was good. I balanced out my bullshit experience (sitting in line with a whole bunch of smelly hypebeasts for two hours just to get a jacket is not the bid'ness) with helping those in need (giving a few canned goods for  charity), so said bullshit was worth it. Anyways,

It's Safe to Say...

...Shake was three miles beyond fucked up last night. Above is a text I sent. Yea... let's party.

Nas - Something Foul

How about some new Nas before I head to the airport? Straight off This Is Hip Hop pt.2 from Tapemasters Inc. Drops are minimal... DOWNLOAD: Nas - Something Foul

A (2)Dope $42 Music Video That's Better Than Yours (Video)

Taylor Engel deserves some serious dapage. Who is Taylor? Why does he deserve such praise? Well... it's quite simple. Dude put together the above music video in one take and with a budget of $42. Shit is real dope. Shouts to Jacques Morel for shedding light on this. Hit the jump for the credits... This

Skillz - For Real (Video)

[vimeo 2358801] Skillz grabs Rik Cordero for his latest video. Damn, the lead chick is dope. Spotted at eskay's crib.