Random Acts of Fuckery: Jaz-O Responding to Hov Edition

blame it on Shake December 1, 2008

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It’s actually sad to see shit like this. People trying to respark their career off the success of another? I mean The Game doesn’t have to mention Hov to stay relevant, but yet he still does it. And now Jaz-O thinks he can use Hov’s even Jaz’ bum ass line as a way to get back in the game? Sorry… but no.

  • dude is a joke… and I cant believed he rhymed over a joint using the same sample as Say Hello!!! SMH


  • Fuckery?

  • muzik

    This can’t be serious, it takes a whole song to go at Hov after one line (that should already let you know what the deal is.) After all the smack talk on the video a few weeks ago and this is what you come with, go back and find your rock (no disrespect to the Roc of course) and climb under and disappear once again.

  • justincase… good call.


  • peace

    Give it up let it go find a flow.

  • Curtis75Black

    Why is it “trying to respark his career” ? Why can’t it be responding to Bullshit that shouldn’t have been said in the 1st place ? Peeps either don’t know or fail to remember if it wasn’t for “Jaz Bummed ass” Jay-Z wouldn’t even been known !! Now I know from the people whos 1st introduction to Jay was “Reasonable Doubt” it doesn’t matter, but what if Memphis Bleek actually blew up and left Jay in the dust ? Calling Jay a Bum would’ve pissed off everyone of Ya’ll fans or not because it’s about the level of respect. Lets be clear though, Hov’s 1st national hit , if I’m not mistaken was produced by Jaz, Featuring Jaz and Foxy, with “Ain’t no Nigga” no matter how hot the cd was !!

  • Yo

    I think some of the dopeboyz may be hov brainwashed. I mean I know Jay Is great but he can still be wrong. And throwing a random shot at someone you claim to be a bum is lame. I’m just speaking in all fariness. Just remember being a stan is just as bad as being a hater.

  • Inkogneat0

    who’s Jaz-O?

  • Clif Soulo

    Lets be clear. Hov was whack for throwing a jab at Jaz, and Jaz was foolish for putting out this song thinkg that people would see this for something other than a ploy just to “get hot”…

  • deltric

    i actually like this song…dude can rhyme and has a dope voice.
    as far as the feud. it needs to stop

  • malakidagod

    jaz-o is as nice as jay-z but he never popped and there beefin but this songs lame…there both wrong fuck that

    i cant take no sides but did any of ya pay attention to jays second verse on brooklyn go hard OMG

  • strong beach 562

    who is jaz-o really though? ive never heard of him

  • For anybody who doesn’t know who seriously Jaz-O is, do a quick YouTube search for either “Hawaiian Sofie” or Original Flavor’s “Can I Get Open”. Matter of fact, go back and listen to Reasonable Doubt (or listen to it for the first time for some of y’all). I’m not saying I co-sign Jaz-O for this, but Jay’s line was unnecessary, especially for someone of his status. What exactly does he stand to gain by dissing Jaz (or anybody else) at this point, and that’s precisely what it was, a diss. If it was anybody else, you’d be waiting for them to get back at Jay. If it was me, I couldn’t see letting no other MC call me a fucking bum without SOME kinda response. In all honesty, this shit from Jaz is more sad than anything else. He didn’t even really go at Jay, he just sounds legitimately hurt.

  • Unxpekted

    Spark his career off another?? Wow Shake you did listen to hip hop in the early 90’s didnt you?

    Jay wouldnt have a career without Jaz-O, Jay-Z is fucking bitch man, complete sell out. Dude gets no respect in any project in New York. Biggie got respect in NY, Jay doesnt.

    “Industry rule number 4,080, record company people are shady”

    Fucking camel face

  • no homo?

  • On the real…get the *%&$ outta here with this song man! Joint was straight gaabage and it sound like some whiney ish to me. And to be honest Jaz should be glad Jay-Z even shouted him on that joint cause Jaz haven’t done nothin relevant since Jay put him on “N**** What, N**** Who”

  • Inkogneat0

    ok looking into it a little it doesn’t even seem to be a dis. It looks like he’s talking about their fallout. But when did Jay call him a bum? which song? With all of these accusations about Jay-Z from his old friends it’ just starting to become true….

  • RAE

    y’all are some hatin ass mothafuckers. this shit is proper, i am by no means a jaz-o fan. but let the man live man, j-j-j-jockin jay-z’s nuts so god damn hard doesnt mean this isnt a good track over a smooth beat explainin the times. you should respect this if anything, its just a glimpse into the man (jay-z) that you love so much’s history

  • crayonman

    i hope people realize jaz o literally put jay z on and put him on tours and put him on his first release and introduced him to the game and produced records for him off the strenght and they were best friends at one point…

    if you helped[tours,songs.put him in the game etc] your friend with his steps to success every inch of the way from the 80’s to the mid 90’s which is about 10 plus years and then your friend gets rich and makes money and all of a sudden changes his number and leaves without saying ANYTHING….i dont know about yall but i would make more than just a diss song….ahh whatever

    no bias here…but if your old enough and saw it unfold people would tell you…ask big daddy kane..or whoever

  • Unxpekted

    Dudes are dumb

    On the mic RIGHT NOW

    Jaz O > Jay Z

    Jaz put Jay on and Jay is a bitch for back stabbing him

  • Unxpekted

    Crayonman stated well nice to see someone with some hip hop intelligence on this site

  • i thought it was a pretty weak thing for jay to do the ‘jaz bum ass’ line.. dudes worth half a billion, no need to stir up old shit for no reason

    but here for those hatin on jaz, he DID put jay on, and that is fact:

  • M.I.

    I Hope Yall Realize Jaz Didnt Put Jay On…His Deal Actually Fell Through And Jay Teamed Up With Dame And Biggs…And Made Roc~A~Fella (Which Jaz Had No Part In) And THEN They Made Reasonable Doubt…And Reasonable Doubt Didnt Even Put Jay On…That Was On His Later Albums, Which Jaz Had Nothing To Do With…And He Didnt “Diss” Jaz On I Do It For Hip Hop, It Was A Back~Handed Compliment,…Or Did You All Look Past The Fact The He Was THANKING Him?

  • M.I.

    As For The Song…It Was A Bit Mundane…It Just Sounds Like Recycled Bitching

  • jnak

    you’re a dumbass nigger, jaz made that song before jay z’s song that said “jaz bum ass” dropped so that isn’t a fucking reply, you fucking retard
    also why did jay z say that if jaz o is the nobody you’re trying to imply he is, you fucking idiot