Jay-Z & Fela Kuti – Sweet (Mash Up)

blame it on Meka December 5, 2008

I for one can’t stand mash ups anymore, but the reason this gets shine is because someone mixed up Fela Kuti – who’s a fucking god in my home land – and that’s something I’ve never seen before. Props to Daniel. R.I.P. to Lucky Dube, while we’re at it.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z & Fela Kuti – Sweet (Mash Up) | Mediafire

  • ha, you aint lyin mek.

  • *Hasn’t let the abundance of bullshit mash-ups influence his opinion on them overall…*

    when done well mash-ups are a great thing

  • malakidagod

    i really dont like the beat

  • Ty



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  • This has been out for nearly a year…not that you need to put out new shit (I hate comments like this on my own site, trust me), but just a heads up.

  • d.block

    trust me…i feel you on the mash ups…i can’t stand that shit no more..

    definitely not a fan of the mash up

  • skeme

    not a big fan of all mash-ups..had to take a listen to it thou cause of fela kuti..i personally like the beat..now yall go listen to the original sample “my lady frustration”..dats sum dopeness right there

  • malakidagod


  • yo this is from my dude DJ Mike Love’s Nigerian Gangster, dope joint

  • bushytop

    fela = god. ololufe mi = perfection.

  • MikeLove

    Mash up? This aint a mash-up fam. A mash-up is when u take the Kelis’ Milkshake acapella and lay it over Madonna’s Holiday & call it Holiday Milkshake or whatever. Kicks, snares, hats & loops…I PRODUCED those beats.
    Full Nigerian Gangster project here…


  • miaalien

    MIkeLove babbby

  • Shit is aight, not really diggin it, but Fela is the trufff lol

  • Sasha

    This is hot. I just wish Jay’s vocals were a little more prominent.

  • Fin-Man

    shout out to my Nigerians

  • Shoutout to the Nigerians…My dad LOVES Fela’s music & I listen to it too

    -Breez The Producer

  • lexx

    Fela Kuti is better than any rappers even if i listen to rap music but for what he did , Fela for President RIP King of Afro Beat

  • Chinedu

    yo mek i feel you i’m nigerian too and to hear kuti and jay one the same track is heavenly lol

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