NIKEiD Signature Series Featuring Ludacris (Video)

[vimeo 2471165]

If you're a sneaker fan [1] like I am, you may want to enter this contest. Props to Freshness Mag.

[1] I say sneaker "fan," not sneaker "fiend" or sneaker "head." Those two genres in my opinion are full of nothing but elitist pricks who are constantly trying to one-up each other while belittling others who can't get like them. I feel people should choose and rock the kicks they wanna rock because I feel they are creative and - despite this conformist realm we all live in - gives each person a semblance of uniqueness, and those that act as if they're better than others because they have a closet full of Yums should get their eyes checked out by Vega from Street Fighter 2. I'm not knocking what y'all do, but just don't knock others for what they do.

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  • bananaclipse(3.0)

    *applause* elitist = fagtastic

  • Mike McGrath

    i've got vintage supreme vandals, i'm more old school than you


    NIKEid STUDI0 in Los Angeles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzz.

  • Meka

    i really need to go see that nike sportswear shop in hollywood one day.

  • Ty

    man you gotta applaud Luda's business moves...


    u kno what i think they ended their lease at that spot, so thats why im fienin for a NIKE id store in L.A. -

  • D Linc

    I think the footnote was better than the video!

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