20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in LEGO

blame it on Shake December 11, 2008

As a small cup, my life was pretty much consumed by LEGO. I had chests full of that shit and would build some of the craziest things with aspirations to become an architect. It’s safe to say that dream didn’t pan out but I’m happy with what I’m doing. Format Mag put together a dope little project in which they recreated 20 classic (I’ll leave that up for debate) hip hop albums using LEGO. Check them out!

  • LMAO @ the Common – Be cover…classic

  • DVski

    i guess they were not ready to have more than one person viewing their site…

  • haha the big pun and meth/red ones are the best

  • skeme

    those are sum freakin kool album recreations

  • yeah there site seems to be flopping right now



  • The Run-DMC cover was dope. Dunno if these album covers are “classic” but a cool concept nonetheless.

  • stik to my gunz

    [email protected] dude on their site wanting 2livecrew covers

  • stik to my gunz

    why the hell arent there black lego people?!

  • sxcass


  • whoisBUCK said

    them shits is tight

  • Sasha

    Haha, too dope. Makes me wanna switch out the album art in my iTunes, haha!

  • angie

    That is GREAT!

  • Kw3li


  • Great idea that turned out superdope! Thanks for the heads up Shake.

  • imartsysowhat?

    That’s what i was think’n they don’t make legos for brothers?/ But anyways its a nice concept/ idea very well done.

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  • lol @ the Dre cover… the LEGO version kinda removes the whole attitude Dre was trying to put across there! :P The Gang Starr one was a little camp as well!

  • meztag


  • not that cool

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