Heiruspecs – Change is Coming f. Dessa

blame it on Shake December 15, 2008

When I posted the Lily Allen joint earlier someone in the c-section said that I must have a crush. If I we’re to have a crush on someone in the music industry it would have to be Dessa (pictured above for the slow folk). The lone female reppin’ Doomtree! Voice, flow, lyrics, image, etc. She has it all. And she joins the St. Paul, Minnesota group for a joint off their self titled release, Heiruspecs.

DOWNLOAD: Heiruspecs – Change is Coming f. Dessa & New MC | Mediafire
BONUS: Heiruspecs – Broken Record f. I Self Devine | Mediafire

  • nickalie

    damn just the other day i was thinkin about how dope some new hieruspecs would be. good stuff shake

  • hot damn the change is coming track is smooth. SMH at me not having heard of dessa or heiruspecs till now.

    good lookings.

  • yo

    Mos def. one of the best women in the game. Quite attractive as well.

  • Via?

  • ^^i see you have it up. i didn’t get it from you. please don’t pull that because i give credit to ya’ll everytime i snag something.

  • Pwelbs

    good to see this minnesota shit gettin some solid press

    proud of my hometown hip hop

  • good lookin on the Deesa direction… needed something new. Wish I heard of her before. Heiruspecs is fire too…

  • Saint Paul stand the fuck up! Man this music makes me homesick

  • Jay Lee

    this is a dope post. thanks shake.

  • imartsysowhat?

    There’s hip-hop artist rep’n minnesota?/ didn’t really know that.

  • charlito

    really hot. great sound.

  • Big_E

    shit son minn. could be considered the new hip hop breeding ground like NYC, Cali or ATL…

  • Big_E

    who woulda thunk it… sum ppl out there have been doin it for a min but still… minnesota??

  • “There’s hip-hop artist rep’n minnesota?/ didn’t really know that.”

    to be completely honest… some of my favorite artists come from out there. the amount of talent they bring is phenomenal.

  • thanks for the kind words. never been on the site before. this is twinkie, the bass player from heiruspecs. have a great night.