Asher Roth – The Reading (rmx) (prod J. Brookinz)

blame it on Meka December 17, 2008

This is random, because I swear I was joking with someone about how somebody needed to sample Reading Rainbow. Until I get the HQ version, try to enjoy this LQ one for the time being. Got the HQ version.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – The Reading (rmx) (prod J. Brookinz) | Mediafire

  • Truth

    asher is iight

  • u really had a reading rainbow convo yo??.lol..i wonder how that shit started..haha

  • remix is nice tho..this was one of my favorite asher tracks anyway.. but the remix is mad original..im not mad at it

  • Jay

    same track original, Jay84 Remix, no wack sample

  • Jay

    by the way no diss to J. Brookinz, the beat is fresh and interesting

  • YourUncle

    Man, sampling this has been done. Better track as well. By this MC from Canada named Ghettosocks.


    Songs on there I think

  • CriezLikeaFairy

    wow this blows my mind. Levar Burton was bad ass

  • MHC

    j.brookinz is tight

  • YOOOOOO!!! i was singing this shit at work a week ago. Asher > Levar Burton

  • sike!!! Kunte all day

  • Jay Lee

    people hate on asher, but you can’t deny the fact that he is talented.

  • this beat isnt hot at all…man….drums and a sample dont make a beat hot!!!

    this beat is mediocre…

  • forevertwelve

    i was gonna say sbeen sampled already, but uncles already on it.

  • Unxpekted aka DMV Disciple

    A PG13 dumpeb and washed down Eminem..

    I listened with an open mind and almost caught myself plugging my ears with nails…

    Goes back to UNI – Supreme

  • Kraunik

    Asher is nice…
    But this track wasnt done right…

  • Unxpekted

    Asher is nice???

    No comment it may be April fools day

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  • Asher

    Im nice…very nice…

  • I Love Hip Hop

    Asher is mad nice. Anybody who doesn’t agree will agree later.

  • Funky Funati

    what’s the name of the song he plays to Akon 1st?

  • Funky – It’s ‘i love college’. Pretty sure it’s on his myspace.

  • Big_E

    asher is pretty dope but yall cant deny that homie sounds like em?? but eminem got a way better flow…

  • Unxpekted aka DMV Disciple


  • His original version of this song is waaaay better. Ash is dope, just needs the right beats.