Damn Homie.

Doughboy Tyson takes the L.

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  • sloop

    is that fake

  • ^^nope. he was at this years video game awards.

  • (in Don Rickles voice) FAT FAT FAT!!

  • imartsysowhat?

    even tho he let him self ago lol, i'll still put my money on tyson to give it to somebody.

  • Jervon


    Word and then he'll eat you. Literally.

  • Truth

    he just setting himself up to come up with some new kitchen accessory that eliminates fat better than georges grill... or some type of new food guaranteed to get u in mike tyson shape

  • imartsysowhat?

    @ Truth:

    Lol; that's so true, it may happen. And I can't believe robin givens ever mess'd with this dude.

  • DopeSir

    DAMN! I guess he really did eat those babies.

  • izza kizza

    dammit! DopeSir wrote what I was thinking!

  • Brian

    oh shit, is that tyson or carl winslow?

  • Legend

    lmfaoo @ Carl Winslow

  • "Larry Holmes, flabby and sick..." comes to mind......

  • On the real..I be seeing Tyson out..ya'll ninja's can hate...this mofo be grabbing all the pumpum in scottsdale. Cool mothafuka too. Big Up 2 the champ!

  • GrahamCEO

    While his defense may be impregnable, looks like Tyson isn't?!?!!?

  • As a child of the 80's who spent many hours trying to dodge this dude's uppercut as Little Mac, this hurts.


  • XIII

    back then you was the man homie
    fuck happened to you?!

  • Showman3000

    Damn what the fuck do you expect?

    He's getting OLDER and he DOESN'T BOX ANYMORE.

    What the fuck, the nigga suppose to get skinner??

  • Tony Bandana



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  • MeGaVeLi

    Tyson the champ! Fight Night 4 ... Tyson vs Ali ... going to be SICK!

  • Is that Tyson or Butterbean????


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