Stat Quo – In California (prod. Focus)

blame it on Shake December 19, 2008

The title of this new record off Stat’s upcoming mixtape, QuoCity (January 1st), is pretty much where I want to be. Except I still can’t find my fucking car keys in this melting snow. So lame! Anyways.. I’ll be in Canada come Monday. T-Dot what!?

DOWNLOAD: Stat Quo – In California (prod. Focus)

  • Crod_skee

    why does the link go to joe budden t.v. for?

  • Reppin’ T.Dot

    Shit you want to be in Cali, but comin’ to T.Dot, and complainin’ about snow there hahaha.. we gettin’ about 30 CM’s right now so welcome to Canada.

  • that’s just shake being human. i only show that part of me on select occasions haha. my fault, it’s fixed now.

  • rodger

    WOW have fun comin here…..ITS COMPLETELY WHITE OUTSIDE! we might be gettin up to 2 ft of snow by the time u get here.

  • i’m not really “complaining” about snow. i’m complaining that my keys are lost in it.

  • GrahamCEO

    I was gonna say Shake that the little bit of snow Vegas saw, which is still facked…you’ll be willing to RUN back instead of fly once you see the snow we’re getting today here in Toronto.

    …..anyone else that would pay to see Shake run from TO back to Vegas??

  • No No No.. Where you WANT to be, is Canada ;)

    Everyone’s already said it– The snow here is absurd. Bear won’t go outside- The snow is taller than he is! And its STILL going!
    At least now you`ll really get to see a canadian winter- unlike last time. ha

  • magnum

    yes cali is the best state in america! we all know that =]

  • Ty

    I’m dying to hear the inside scoop in terms of why Stat left Shad/Aftermath…

  • Lil’ Nello

    Real nice verse from Stat can’t wait for his new mixtape & hopefully his album finally drops next year to! This really shows off a lot of how talented Stat is like a lot of the tracks he has been doing lately & what he seemed to be holding back because of being signed to Em & Dre!

  • craig

    ONE of the SICKEST TRACKS ive heard in a while. Would you idiots start talking about the track and less about snow. WTF man.

  • dubsmith

    damnn stat killing it.

  • one66soul

    Stat is the best kept secret in ATL