One On One w/ Pain In Da Ass pt.1 (Video)

blame it on Shake December 23, 2008


Jabari catches up with the infamous Pain in Da Ass on a New York City rooftop. Pain speaks about how he ended up on Jay-Z’s albums and how he changed the game.

  • caliblack

    Why am I supposed to care? Not to be a dick or whatever. It just seems like he’s overestimating his contribution.

  • B

    I concur

  • Seem like he was dissing Fabolous since he’s making a CD called Loso’s Way based on Carlito’s Way

  • Charles Oakley

    This dude is delusional

  • emisphere

    Lol people don’t seem to understand this is pure comedy, nothing serious,ain’t nothing wrong with some entertainment from time to time.
    Most videos feature artists who take themselves too seriously

  • chef

    hahaha this dude is a clown.

  • i feel bad for him. he could really do some good voice over work.

  • joey!

    wow, this is the MOST ANNOYING DJ EVER. i remember a few years back hearing him on some dogshit mixtapes and he was actually making the worse by talking.

    this is garbage, “pain in da ass” is the worst, fuck an appearance on reasonable doubt. you blow. “BLEEK IS THE FUTURE”. yeah, hes the future. he’s 40 and hes 1000 steps behind the rest of the game. good call.

  • Ty

    this dude wants his respect. I see nothing wrong wit dat….

  • sda

    lol wtf is wrong with his tongue… also surpsised no one “smh white guy said nigga’ed” him