One On One With Pain In Da Ass pt.2 (Video)


In part two of Jabari's talk with Pain in Da Ass he speaks about how he got his name, females, and much more.

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  • Mookie

    I don't care what he says. "Pain In The Ass" was a bad choice for a rap name.

  • MATT

    dat was funny as

    "pissin in niggaz egg mcmuffins n shit or whatever the fuck they got".. lmao

  • Lime


  • DJ JAV

    This dude sounds wack ... Sorry, but I'm with Mookie, "Pain In The Ass" is a bad choice for a name, and he just sounds stupid with his schpeal about how he'll never change *blah blah blah*

  • DJ Finyl

    i hear that voice and the first thing I hear is bobbito garcia not pain in the ass. was that him on the "hell hath no fury" intro too?

  • RideOut

    Jabari's faces are priceless, lol


  • farfega

    u guys are idiots if u don't know who pain in da ass is... he was on Jay Z's first 4 albums' intros


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