Travis McCoy Signs to Nappy Boy (Video)

blame it on Shake December 28, 2008


Travis McCoy is the latest signee to T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment. I’m not mad at it. I admit, I fuck with T-Pain for the most part. Anything to get more Travie material out there. Where the fluuuck is the mixtape!? Shouts to Kyle Lucas for the heads up.

  • iiMS0FLYY

    Great for Travis, I guess. Guess that means we can expect a solo album soon?

  • YouthHominid

    hmmm…what does this mean for gym class heroes?

  • AdubC

    Solo Travie can’t be a bad thing. Hopefully GCH still comes out on ther regular. I’m with Shake, where is the mixtape?!?!? I’ve been fiendin’ for that shit since the vid clip months ago…

  • King6000

    fam…super unexpected lol..good look for both sides though, Travie is dope as hell…can wait to hear some GOOD music from them two..Three Ringz is dope as helll as well lol

  • Cool. I just hope Travie doesn’t get T-Pain on every chorus. Travis is one of the few rappers that can sing a chorus and make it sound good.

  • Travis If Your Reading This Stay Away From T Pains AutoTune



    This is good for exposure, but bad for the fans who want him to do things from the heart like when he started. I’m torn. Hopefully his future leans more “For the Kids” than “Cookie Jar.”

  • Boris

    im travies biggest stan lol

    we have the same ear plugs lol

  • costa lota

    im reeeaallly confused. wats going to happen?

  • Showman_3000

    Damn is it me or is this kinda dissin Gym Class Heroes?

  • Steve_O

    ^^^It’s just you. Travis is a rapper, so why wouldn’t he take the opportunity to JUST rap. It’s not like he said he was leaving GCH. He’s just got a solo deal now as well, which is a great look for the group. He can go scoop up more fans with his hip-hop material, then we it comes back around to do another GCH album, the group will have even more eyes and ears to see and hear their music.


  • showman_3000

    No ‘it’s not just me’ asshole!
    I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way dickhead! You acting like I was hating on him. I was just stating the preception of how things have been looking of late.

    Of course it’s a good move for Travis to sign a solo deal duhh that’s obvious. I’m just saying that for the fact that you haven’t heard from Gym Class Heroes in a long while except for Travis in the media or on tracks, it’s like what’s going on w/ them.
    That’s my point. It seems as if their not gonna do work anytime soon.