K-Os – The Avenue x Zambony

blame it on Shake December 29, 2008

I keep hearing reading chatter that the dopeboyz don’t support K-Os. That can’t be any farther from the truth. I’ve said it before… I can’t create music from an artist myself. So if they don’t release anything how am I not supporting? And everyone should already know I’m trying my hardest to put the spotlight on both CAs. With that said, here goes two new joints off the T-Dot emcees’ upcoming album, Yes!

DOWNLOAD: K-Os – The Avenue | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: K-Os – Zambony | Mediafire

  • xeroth3t3ck

    thats not true, i knew when new K-Os was coming out u guys would drop it. I remember u guys posting a remix of sunday morning. Although it wasnt K i knew u guys would have something. I got the Tokyo Police Club remix feat. K-Os if you need it shake.

  • Thanks

  • ZAMBONY is a serious banger! good lookin out

  • k-os is a genious of our time.

  • VSOP

    yeah dude is talented-Joyful Rebellion is the first album i suggest people listen to if theyre TRYIN to get into hip hop-it has so many catchy joints that its an easy transition

    before they know it–theyre TEACHED!

    thanks for this-got the pellas already-jus needed regular tracks to get motivated

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  • Reyn
  • woRd, ive been on K-Os since I heard him over Rascalz – Around The World. I was like this is that intelligent hiphop ive been missing. Then I went back and dug through all his superstarrs, heaven only know et. al.

  • matthew

    k-os is ridiculously talented.
    him and shad.
    canada’s finest. hands down.
    i dont think it’s even a debate:

  • dirty rags

    K-os is super duper dopedy dope duder!!!

  • gill

    glad 2dopeboyz got love for K-Os

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  • Royce

    Yo Shake, U give more love to Canadian artists than Canadian radio/media do…haha…Ever heard of Shad? My favourite out of the Toronto area…

  • hit me on the email with somme music from dude. im always open to hear it.

  • skeme

    notes to self..soon to be canadas best

  • dNato

    goddamn. I am blown away by his style. The guy fucking sings, he raps. I think what Kanye did was creative to some degree with 808s, but why isn’t K-Os not a super star run right now, he has just as much talent and freshness. And Zambony proves he is still a fire breather.

  • its funny how life can go…………

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  • Fav artist hands down def

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  • Sasha

    No love for the Astronaut track I sent you? SMH.

  • K-Os is the DUDE!!! I always listen to Atlantis and Joyful Rebellion… Didn’t feel Exit on the same lvl but it’s still sick… I’ve been waiting for this…

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  • Steph

    These songs are dope

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