Mistah F.A.B. Gets His Chain Snatched… (Video)

blame it on Shake December 30, 2008


…by Glasses Malone North Dakota Crips. Word on the internets is that Fabby Davis Jr. will be responding soon. That is all…

  • sam


  • Str8jckn


  • dot

    This is Fake You Can tell By The Way They Talk And Say Cuz They From The Bay !….Lame Ass NIggas

  • Nystradomus

    cuz is a term used alot by crips… not just people in the bay

  • imartsysowhat?

    This is definitely not real; i could guess that their joking.

  • jay

    stupid fucks with guns think they the shit.
    fucking pointless.
    no beef, no shit
    then why?

  • obviously its fake people. c’mon.

  • M*


    10thous and a verse, thats it. haha

    09 hurry UP!!

  • Showman3000

    Obviously it’s Glasses Malone and he’s just fooling around! lol


    LOL he says “north carolin..uhhh..north dakota” yeah its a joke

  • b_freshh


    “he was trynna get a slushie nd got slushed!”

  • West

    that dude on the bed looks like FAB. haha

  • BigZ

    Lol at the fat nigger standing still for a sec, looking at Malone, clapping and flashing his ugly ass teeth to the cam

  • PhillyD

    Wasn’t Glasses Malone a blood in the video wit Lil Wayne ????

  • Bethany

    fake or not, you snatched someone’s property and footage of yourself with the chain on the internet, and showed your faces…

    10 stacks and a verse or 3 hots and a cot, you choose!!!


  • Dexic

    If you didn’t realize that FAB’s on the bed and it’s Glasses Malone in the front, you’re an idiot.

  • This can’t be true?

    Really? North Dakota?

    I would hate to belive that the only 2 Black People who live in that state are that ignorent.

  • PhillyD

    Well nobody knows or cares what F.A.B. looks like. If it aint Crooked, Game, Planet Asia, or Ras Kas (and of course the nwa, cronic era) I wouldnt know any other West artist

  • GrahamCEO

    YouTube done fucked rap up…what has it done for it, seriously?
    Let idiots with a video camera (see: BuddenTV, VladTV, YouFullOfShitFooTV, etc and internet gangsters with chains) talk a whole bunch of nonsense freely. Alright I concede “The Real” is good, but then you remember that there are “real” Diddy Blogs and you just get pissed again.

    this is DEFINITELY fake, I just like to rant.

  • Chinks

    lol real gagnsta ass shit nigga


    That had me ROTFLMAO!!!!

  • Lol.

    What a waste of time. Since when was it cool to steal peoples chains?

  • rodger

    HAHAHA wow some of you really are gullible as fuck!

  • this guy

    “If you didn’t realize that FAB’s on the bed and it’s Glasses Malone in the front, you’re an idiot.” – Dexic

    that ain’t Fab on the bed tho

  • Jervon

    “If you didn’t realize that FAB’s on the bed and it’s Glasses Malone in the front, you’re an idiot. – Dexic”

    I couldn’t tell you what Fab or Glass Malone look like. I don’t check myspace for people who claim that they’ll shot you in the face.

  • curlzyo


    a “crip”
    with a red c on his fitted

  • #


    a “crip”
    with a red c on his fitted

    curlzyo said this on December 31, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Crips wear Cincinatti Reds hats, so whatchu talkin’ bout?

  • *Cincinnati

  • GharDwe

    LOL that is NOT fab…. SHMACK yo self…

    and PhillyD no disrespect.. Expand your west coast library..

    and I never knew crips wore reds hats that have “red” C’s.. its an oxymoron.. now in cincinnati basically all them “bloods” got the nati Red’s’s all really stupid by the way

  • Cammy Camm
  • PlainPat253


  • wow @ XD and GharDwe…

    an oxymoron? You act is if their is any logic behind any of it in the first place. There are rules, but not wearing any amount of a rivals color is not one them.

    If i broke down the different hoods in L.A. that wear team logos that contained the color of a rival you’d be surprised.

    Crips wear red, crips wear blue, they wont die if they touch another color and bloods wear blue too. You find that when they try and “catch someone slippin” they’ll wear the rival colors to attract rivals.

    Sometimes you find they wear the color to diss, i.e. a crip wearing red shoes with blue laces as a sign of disrespect.

    but yea i agree, it is all very stupid. by the way, that is G and it is a joke.

  • ‘hood 101 & shit…

  • HollaFamily

    How u crippin with a Red C on your fitted? Niggas is clowns.

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  • Unxpekted aka DMV Disciple

    Inevitable why did this joke try and beef with Royce again?