Wanna Bag Pinky & Stacey? (Video)

blame it on Meka December 30, 2008

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.766495&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Because I sure as hell do not. Roxy Reynolds or Angel Eyes, however?

* thinks *

Man, I think I have a bit of a problem.

  • Yo I was just telling the folks that Pinky is not the business… If I feel in it i mean I would smash but i aint doing nothing special or trying to smash her… I don’t even like watching her in my porn!

  • hophip

    roxy fo sho shi reeves too

  • Showman3000

    Good, good I’m gonna send her a picture of me next to a stretch limo!!

  • jedi

    that bitch pinky look like pork in a g-string.

  • ROK

    pinky is busted!

  • Showman3000


    that bitch pinky look like pork in a g-string.

    jedi said this on December 30, 2008 at 6:52 pm
    HAHAHAHA that was hilarious!

  • SeanJuan

    I love how porn whores like to go around pretending that they’re not whores. Plus, these chicks are ugly as fuck. I’ve really lost all respect for Vlad lately with shit like this and the Ransom videos.

  • JF

    Lacey … lacey … lacey.

    And Aurora Jolie.

  • veraci0us

    haha pork in a gstring hahahaha..

    Roxy, angel eyes, misty love.. And vanity cruz..

  • kidadonis

    Pinky been getting kinda big lately. She used to get some sort of respect but not really.

  • JayMac

    Pinky needs to loose like 30 pounds… but even then I wouldn’t hit. I’m tellin ya’ll, Xena and Kapri Styles are the business, they can have a date with my sealy posturepedic mattress anytime!!

  • veraci0us

    i wanna put a bag over pinky face yeah..even with a bag over her face i still wouldnt feel right about hitin it 8(

  • Steve_O

    Off top, both of these broads should NOT be in porn. Porn is supposed to be some shit that you fantasize about, with some bitches you couldn’t theoretically have. Neither of one of these broads are that. Every one of us sees badder women that these on an every day basis just walking down the street or in a grocery store or some shit.

    Vlad has already taken the biggest L of 09 for his wack ass videos and the year hasn’t even started yet.

  • Zach Black

    So all i gotta do is take a nake picture with a dick comparison

    *goes to*


    cody lane, luscious lopez, tucci, roxy, gianna michaels, pam anderson (she counts), rachel roxxx, rachel starr, jada fire, sophia costello etc.
    no meka….I have a problem.

  • i fucked badder bitches wen i was middle school..

    either they dat ugly… that choose..i still did tho..haha…

    *googles francia raisa*

  • i was in*



  • Canin

    Sophia Costello can get it all day everyday, Roxy is so so.

    Pinky has definitely fallen off, youst to be the shit youst too

  • Reyn
  • amy reid
    priya rai
    daisy marie
    alexis love, nautica thorn damn i can go on and on no disrespect to these two chicks in the video but i’d take the chicks i mentioned

  • Big Homie

    I be chattin with Roxy via text. She mad cool and fine as fuck.

    Jasmine Cashmere
    Lacey Duvalle
    Ayana Angel
    Shyla Haze
    Misti Love
    Cherokee D’Ass
    Marie Luv and her camel toe
    Aurora Jolie
    Kapri Styles
    Ice La Fox
    Michelle Tucker
    Angel Eyes
    Jada Fire
    Olivia Winters

    I don’t have a problem though that’s just a few

  • ^^^
    gimme her number!!!!

  • imartsysowhat?

    I wouldn’t wanna bag either one of them; however Flame and Kande Lixxx yeah, mos def. Personally i’ve seen way badder looking females than these 2.

    Lol; I judging anybody, but some of yall are some sick ass porn addicts.

  • Lotlan

    Good, good I’m gonna send her a picture of me next to a stretch limo!!

    Showman3000 said this on December 30, 2008 at 6:50 pm




  • Lotlan

    is pinky really worth all of that effort???

    hell naw, she knows that she would take the dough on the spot anyways

  • Code

    Yo Vlad Replace Pinky & Stacy Wit Roxy Reynolds & Ice La Fox And I’m Wit U

  • M*

    a dick next to a peanut

  • Royce

    Sounds like there is gonna have to be a “5 porn stars I’d smash” post…hahahaha…

    I can’t believe no-one said anything about Pinkys arms??? Shes busted AND a midget, swear shes 4 foot nothing…

  • xtothev
    that’s MY addiction. LMFAO!

    Misti Love
    Priya Rai
    Shyla Stylz
    Annette Schwarz (bottomless…that’s all i will say)
    Kapri Styles

    are the BEE’S KNEES my friend!!!!!!!

  • okay Pinky is a chunky midg…i admit that, but I would handle Stacey Adams.

  • if that was stacey adams….might not be her…but I would handle the chick in purple……still with like 3 condos on though, ha.

  • We all seen badder bitches than these hoes, but how many bitches you guys been with who can play the skin flute as well as Pinky? She is a professional’s professional. She’s not fine, but she’s an absolute whore, hence her success in porn.

    Special shout out to Marquetta Jewel.

  • ill stick to my old school vivid girls.

  • I would still bang Ebony Ayes and Jeannie Peppers’s old asses too!

  • ANUBIs

    My dick and a ruler? Psshh Try my dick and yard stick.

  • dman

    i will suck pinkys pussy and marry her

  • blue

    How do I get started in porn

  • yeah i want to take on pinky in a tiddy and ass shakin contest.

  • socoolsoslick

    stacy adams is cool with lonely walks in the shade of down town
    she left some people out took all the milk and like just poured it out and said hello.they cant pretend thou the once lil homeys.
    they called jets that smile i remember thats her hustle her love.
    the memomry of i think while she now hovers over me iam slowly blacking out with the once slow words in her ear lob