Eminem – Crack A Bottle [NoDJ]

blame it on Meka December 31, 2008

Some new Slim Shady right on the cusp of the new year.  NMC, thank you and you’re welcome. SHAKE UPDATE: I’m with the c-boys… I’ll wait til I get a complete version (with Dre) until I pass judgement on this track.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Crack A Bottle [No DJ]

  • Ehh.

  • waiting on the real version before I judge this has em rapping dre’s verses and it isnt mixed all the way

  • joshpaul

    fuck this unfinished track up the ass. no pun intended. call me when dre is on it.

  • MeGaVeLi

    When I first heard this track, I thought it was straight wack … completely forgot about it until I leeched this version … and now, its not that bad. Regardless, the masses will love it as they swing off Mr. Matthers Ding A Ling!

    Can we get that premo track please!

  • M.Tyson

    Can we get that premo track please!
    co-sign that track will be epic

  • ClubLA

    Yes my nig, not real new, since it dropped about 1-2 months ago, but thatnks for NO DJ. Track means nothing w/o DRe’s verses

  • Dre better bring passion to the lyrics or this track will fail too hard ..

  • yoo

    i think this track is going to be good

  • JaYdAgR8

    wtf is up with him using that little accent?

  • When I first heard this track, I thought it was straight wack … completely forgot about it until I leeched this version … and now, its not that bad. Regardless, the masses will love it as they swing off Mr. Matthers Ding A Ling!

    ^^^^ sounds the same to me. didn’t like the hook then, don’t like it now. and em must have been overseas somewhere for a minute because i’m clueless as to what’s going on with that accent thingee. 6 out of 10, with or without dre, 7 1/2 – 8 if they ditch the hook…

  • lol

    Y’all stay using that ugly ass pic of him lol

  • imartsysowhat?

    O.k the (no dj) version, but yeah can’t wait till i actually hear Dre on the track. But other then that i was feeling the track when it first leaked out, its still o.k now.

  • zzzzzzzzzz

  • robin banks.

    meh i’ll wait on the album version…

    In other news where is EXTRA GOOD by Kid Cudi I’ve been waiting for that shit ever since I first saw that video of him preforming it live. Cudi is the future…

  • KG

    You catz only like this b/c it’s Em. This track is doodoo, garbage, beat is wack….Dude has lyrics but his production choices are suspect…..we need Premo trax, Pete Rock, Madlib.. something….Em, forget the bubble gum ish and come with it dude!

  • KG

    Em is the past…..He needs to come correct lyrically and beat wise too….His N-sync…Backstreet Boyz…Britney….fanbase has grown up and wack beat selection and bubble gum wraps will be easily snuffed out…

  • CappaCantWait

    dude hasn’t meant much to me after the Eminem Show. come on with it dude.

  • Crap

    thats why you all are talking about dude right? hes so wack? rather have the masses swinging on ems dick then whats actually selling

  • Nz

    I dont really like this song but it dosent change the fact that Eminem is one of the greatest out there
    Even the worst song comming from eminem is better that most of the shit we hear today… so yea i dont like the production of this song and i know its not the real version but wtv i know eminem is going to drop a sick album 2009

  • CPHead

    i actually like this song. when i first heard it a month a go it was wack as hell.
    hopefully the final version is improved on.

  • CPHead

    i just hope the rest of the album is more raw

  • this shit is fuckin wack
    i dont care wut u say

  • 1


  • owen

    em’s weird accent is fucking wack but i like the sound of dre’s verse

  • mikeb

    wow same sample as that cage song with aesop rock and el-p

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  • sfn

    hmmmmmm. cant say i like it. tried. cant.

  • jimm

    he can be way better than this. sigh oh well

  • shippskelly

    im not so sure that this is an eminem song even cuz he only has one verse and the chorus. the other two are dre. i think this is a throw away track from detox sessions to be honest. i really hate that accent

  • thegrip

    This album is going to off the hook…

  • jb

    this is a great song, with a horrendous hook, so annoying

  • Omar

    It’s alright but it reminds me more of something that would be on Encore than his first three great albums. I hate the accent and the hook is meh… not very catchy sort of annoying.

    He needs to get back to the “The Way I Am” – “White America” type tracks with a dash of fucked up comedy we heard on the first two discs.

    You’re slippin Em.. but it’s all good you’re much older now and we bitch about everything anyways … it’s not like we can make anything better so… yup.

  • You know, I am a fan of Em’s rhymes but I have to say this song sucks. The lyrics are horrible, stupid, and unable to develop comprehensible imagery that makes sense. “Pouring Drano down a volcano you never know what happens?” WTF??? I am a bit naïve regarding Dre’s needed handprint on Em’s stuff. For now on, Em should never put anything out without Dre’s final touch.

  • bologne pony

    Fuck Dre. Fuck Eminem.



  • pnk318

    iii luuuuub dis, EM’s bizzaaack babay!

  • ProJekSiun

    Again…hate posting shit like this…because as ive said before..its like showing a visual artists sketch and calling it their painting…not fair to the artists for us to see the unfinished work..
    but its all over the blogs and someone woulda posted it here anyways..
    so take it in .

    I think its HEAT! the homie is back!

  • charlito


  • charlito

    eh… i’m with it*

  • I like this track alot

  • mike1

    am i going crazy?? i swear this was leaked 2 months ago under the title “#1”.

    you guys are mad late.

  • N Eazy

    beat is MAD hot and verse 1 and 3 are hot (the ones dre is supposed to be rapping). verse 2 is alright and the chorus is annoying tho. em’s still got the lyrics, I just dont like this new flow he’s using as slim shady. 7/10 without dre, we’ll see how it is with dre.

  • Eminem girl

    bologne pony
    FUCK YOU!!!

  • Eminem girl

    We are Eminem`s fans. Don`t fuck with us! OK?
    Don`t you know, I can kill you for Marshall! I like see you bleeding Bitch!
    By the way, don`t fuck with Dre, too.

  • Eminem girl

    Hey you guys, right now is 3:00, I guess. I`m in a crazy party with my friends and right now I`m listen “Welcome to Detroit city”
    uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, this song make me crazy!!!

  • Ty

    average at best. nuthin’ against Em because I’m a fan but I gotta be honest….

  • random reader

    what does noDJ mean?

  • Eminem girl

    Hey you guys, I wanna chat with somebody! so…?

  • Eminem girl

    @random reader
    noDJ is a version of the song.

  • :)

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  • You guys rock! The song rocks, too and overall Eminem ROCKS!!!

  • je61

    better, but holy fuck is that hook annoying

  • didn’t like his last album so much…